This guide is for ZEDO customers using the Ad Network Dashboard to manage their ad network .  This product is designed to save you time, provide transparency in your ad networks’ data, and give you the tools to optimize ad network performance, increasing your overall revenue earned from ad networks.

Why do I need a revenue maximizer?

Simple – if you have valuable inventory, there are plenty of ad networks out there that will compete for it.  Why not use this competition to make sure you are getting the best rates, every day?

RevMax will help you:

  • Monetize domestic and international inventory
  • Get the most out of each network for each ad size
  • Easily compare the true eCPM of each ad network, and what they’re offering you every day
  • Re-order ad network impressions to put the highest paying impressions first
  • See all your data daily without logging into each system

RevMax Overview

ZEDO’s Ad Network Revenue Maximizer aggregates data, organizes it, then presents it back to you in an apples-to-apples way, so that you can maximize the revenue you earn from ad networks.

The RevMax solution includes:

  • Joining the right ad networks
  • Linking your ad networks to ZEDO
  • Trafficking ad network tags to earn correctly in each country
  • Tools to easily optimize ad network performance

Each of these components is described in this document.  After you have configured your ad networks in the ZEDO Ad Network Revenue Maximizer, you will be ready to see a lift in revenue of up to 20%.[1]

Step 1:  Joining the right ad networks

You may already have solid ad network relationships, or you may be just starting out.  It’s important to join a mix of ad networks to ensure you have enough ads to fill your inventory.  Research a mix of General Ad Networks, Vertical Ad Networks, and Behavioral Ad Networks.

You should also join ad networks in the regions where you generate the most traffic.  Europe, South Asia, India, and South America are all strong, growing internet markets with lots of startup and established ad networks to join.

You can identify your traffic through a web analytics tool, or by pulling a Country Summary Report in ZEDO.

To pull a Country Summary Report:

  • Click on the Reports Tab
  • Select “Country Summary” report type
  • Select 30 days of data

If you’re having problems locating ad networks in certain countries or regions, contact your ZEDO Account Manager.

Step 2:  Linking your ad networks in ZEDO

Once you have an account with an Ad Network, you can set it up in ZEDO.  By linking your Ad Network account to an Advertiser record in ZEDO, we will automatically gather your performance and revenue data for you every day.

To link your Ad Network account to ZEDO:

  • Click on the Advertisers Tab
  • Click on Create Advertiser
  • Enter the Ad Network name in Advertiser Name
  • Check the Ad Network box
  • Select the Ad Network Name from the dropdown
  • Enter your ad network login and password
  • Click Submit

Step 3:  Trafficking your ad network tags in ZEDO

For optimal revenue, you should get one tag per country from your ad network. Some networks will let you do this directly in their portal, however, with others, you may need to contact your account rep.

Create Campaigns

In ZEDO, you will create one campaign per ad tag (from your ad network).  To create a campaign in ZEDO:

  • Click on the Campaigns tab
  • Select the ad network from the dropdown list
  • Click the Create Campaign button
  • Enter campaign name as  Name Country Dim
  • Campaign Dates:  1 year
  • Renewal Reminder:  14 days before campaign end
  • Campaign Type:  Normal
  • Inventory Type:  Excess
  • Revenue Type:  CPM
  • Limit Type:  Impressions
  • Rate:  $0.00
  • Delivery Type:  Speedy
  • IO / Reference Number:  See Network Linking Table
  • Allocate impressions by:  Ad
  • Advanced Tracking:  None
  • Revenue Calculation:  Use Campaign Rate

Network Linking Table

Use the IO / Line Item field to link back to the ad networks unique identifier.  Some common identifiers are listed below.

Network Unique Identifier Example
Valueclick Site_mediatype UK_782x468 Banner
Tribal Fusion contentarea_adtype US_Rectangle
Google Channel UK_300x250
24/7 Site ROS/w/a/300×250
Casale site_ad placement CA_Banners

Creating Ads

Create one ad in each campaign, for the ad network tag. Each ad should be geotargeted only to one country, and starting with a Frequency Cap of 3.  (Note:  this will change over time as you begin to optimize the ad networks based on performance and payout).

Step 4:  Optimize ad network performance

To recap, so far you have joined all the right networks, got the right tags trafficked into ZEDO and linked for data collection, and gotten your ads serving.  Let the ads run a few days to collect some history.  Next, you can begin Optimizing the sequence of the ad networks based on their return.

Ad Network Dashboard

The Ad Network Dashboard (Advertisers Tab > Ad Network Dashboard) page has three main sections:

  • Yesterday’s Statistics
  • Month-to-date Trend
  • Individual ad network statistics

You can also access:

  • Daily Statistics:  Performance by network by day
  • Ad Tag Performance:  Performance by country / dimension

The ZEDO Ad Network dashboard uses the reported revenue from your Ad Network, and the impressions served by ZEDO, to calculate your true eCPM from each ad network.  This lets you truly compare apples-to-apples, on a daily basis, to see how your ad networks are providing revenue return.

The Ad Network Dashboard will also alert you to any data collection errors that ZEDO has encountered.  ZEDO collects data from ad networks during the US night.  Ad Network data collection may be affected by any of the following:

  • Data Collection Complete and Successful.
  • Data Collection in progress
  • Login Failure:  Please ensure that ZEDO has the correct login details by visiting the Edit Advertiser screen.
  • Data Delayed:
  • No Data:  You may have a problem with the linking of campaigns in ZEDO to the ad tags in your ad network.

Ad Tag Performance Page

Once you understand how to read the general ad network dashboard, identify any data collection errors, and see if your business is going up or down, you can begin to manage your ad network revenue.  All of this can be done on the Ad Tag Performance Page.

The Ad Tag Performance page is broken into one section for each major country.  In each country, the performance of each ad network, for each of your ad sizes, is shown.  You can also view eCPM trend information to see if the ad network’s payout is going up or down.

Changing Ad Network Distribution

On this page, you can update the rank and edit the Frequency Cap of each of the ad networks.

Update the Rank:  You can sort the order in which ad network tags are called by using the up and down arrows on the page.  If one ad network is paying you a better eCPM than another, you should give them the impressions higher up in the sequence order.  This will increase the quantity of impressions given (first impression = uniques), as well as the value of the impressions (first impression converts better, overall).  This will encourage your ad network to maintain, or even improve, the eCPM.

Edit Frequency Cap:  If you recall, the default starting frequency cap for Ad Networks was 3.  If you notice that your ad network is paying you beyond the third impression, or that they are only giving you defaults after 2, you should update the Frequency Cap accordingly.  If you have a network that is paying you well but only for one impression, you should contact your ad network account rep to ask for more impressions.

Common Setup Problems

The RevMax system depends on the correct setup between your ad networks and ZEDO.  The system may encounter errors if data is not provided by the ad network, or if data is not correctly mapped from the ad network into ZEDO.

Data Not Provided by Ad Network:

Described with Ad Network Dashboard details, these can occur if the ad network is delayed in posting the data, if your login details are incorrect, or other reasons.

Data Not Mapped Correctly in ZEDO:

  • Tag Mapping Problem: ZEDO is sending impressions to the ad network for this dimension, however, we can’t show you data because either a) you have not uploaded SEPARATE ad tags just for this country / dim combination, or b) the SEPARATE tag is not mapped to a ZEDO Ad. Please contact your Account Manager for further assistance.
  • No Impressions from the Network: ZEDO is sending impressions to the ad network for this country / dim combination, but the ad network isn’t filling the request. Please contact the ad network.
  • Nothing Configured: You have not set up ZEDO to send any impressions for this country / dim combination to this ad network.
  • Ad Network count more than ZEDO: ZEDO is sending impressions to this ad network for this country / dim combination. However the ad network is showing more impressions than ZEDO is sending for this country / dim combination.
1 0