Saves you work

Your ad ops team spends a lot of time dealing with many ad networks – up to ten in
each country. With Ad Network Optimization services, ZEDO will handle your ad
operations for for remnant networks, manage block lists, and find the best new
networks for your site. ZEDO’S Ad Network Optimization will increase remnant eCPMs
up to 25-30%. Your team will be freed to focus on direct sales that drive your real
revenue stream.

Expertise and Experience

ZEDO offers solutions to help publishers increase ad revenue as you know. Increasing
your revenue is our mission. We have years of experience understanding publisher
needs and building up our expertise on all advertising technology solutions for
We understand your challenges for direct and remnant
We understand block lists, ad quality challenges and everything else important to
publishers. ZEDO has years of experience and relationships with ad networks, with a
solid understanding of which regional network pricing, ad sizes, and best practice for ad
network exposure to your inventory.

ZEDO Technology

ZEDO has excellent, modern technology. Last year, we upgraded our key ad serving
platform over 20 times. Our Ad Network Optimization technology allows us to sequence
ad networks by true eCPM in each country and placement. If an ad network doesn’t
have high paying campaigns for one user, ZEDO will not send further impressions for
that user to that ad network that day. We provide powerful analytics to enable
actionable decisions.

Great customer service

We are available to you 24 hours a day. With ZEDO, you get our people and our

One platform

We offer you one platform that includes products for both your remnant impressions
and your direct sales team. One set of complete data – no need to pay for ad serving
AND ad network optimization for the same impressions.

More Information

For more information about ZEDO Ad Network Optimization, visit

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