• NYA: Not yet approved
  • APP: Approved
  • PSE: Paused
  • HID: Hide from the UI. This also stops ads from serving. (You can see hidden ads by clicking the [show-all] link in the menu bar.)
  • REJ: Functionally the same as PSE, this status is useful if you have users uploading ads that you want to let them know are not approved.
  • DRM: Dormant. The ad status needs to be changed to DRM when the uploaded file size is > 4 KB. This option allows users to use the network redirect pricing feature.
  • RET: Retired. The system automatically chooses this status for campaigns that have ended six months ago. ¬†Users cannot change ad status with this option.
  • RES: Reserved. This is generated by the system when a user creates a reservation ad.
Updated ad status will reflect immediately in the UI, but it may take up to an hour for a functional change to take effect.

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