ZEDO Ads on Photos lets you monetize your photo gallery.

The User Experience

Ads on Photos are displayed automatically when the photo has loaded. The ad stays open until the user clicks the close button in the top right corner of the ad. The ad will show again on mouse over (this is dependent on frequency capping).

  Specifications Notes
Ad Size 234×60, 468×60 or 728×90 The ad must be smaller than the photo.
Ad Type Standard image, flash, 3rd party code
Ad Placement Top Center (default) or Bottom Center Bottom placement requires additional code.

Setting up Ads on Photos

Setting up Ads on Photos is simple.

  1. Create a dedicated Ads on Photo channel
  2. Get a custom ad tag from Support
  3. Edit the tag

Create the channel

Create a dedicated  Ads on Photo channel.

Get the custom ad tag from Support

Because the Ads on Photo ad tag is not standard, the ZEDO Support team will create the first tag for you. For subsequent ads, you can edit the parameters.

Once you have created an Ads on Photos channel, contact Support for the tag.

Edit the tag 

Append the Photo identification variable

When you receive the tag from Support, you must edit the tag to include the photo’s ID attribute.

In <IMG> tag:

<img src=”pict01.jpg” border=”0″ alt=”Photo Title” id=”photo”>

Note: If you want to serve ads on more than one image per page, please contact Support for help with implementation.

Ad Placement

By default, the ad appears at the top center of the photo. To display the ad at the bottom of the image, add this line of code var zz_align = “bottom”

Sample Tag: 
var zflag_nid_[width]=”[Network_ID]”;
var zflag_cid_[width]=”[Channel_ID]”;
var zflag_sid_[width]=”[Publisher_ID]”;
var zflag_sz_[width]=”[Dimesnion_ID]”;
var zd_src_[width]=”[Ad source i.e., Enter the fo.js link from the JS tag]”
var zz_ld_ad=”1″;
var zz_ad_cl=”1″;
var zz_fr_cp = “100”;
var zz_photo_id=”photo”;
var zz_container=”no”;
var zz_align = “bottom”;
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://c1.zedo.com/utils/faop.js or https://ss3.zedo.com/utils/faop.js”></script>


Parameter Represents Notes
width Width of the ad dimension
var zflag_nid Network ID (ZEDO Account ID)
var zflag_cid Channel Id If there is no Publisher linked to the channel, use 0
var zflag_sid Publisher Id
var zflag_sz Ad Dimension Id
var zd_src Ad source Enter the fo.js link from the js tag from the Ad tag generator
var zz_ld_ad Defines ad load 0=load on mouseover, 1=load on page load
var zz_ad_cl Defines ad close behaviour 0= auto-close, 1= user-initiated
var zz_fr_cp Frequency Cap
var zz_photo_id ID of photo on web page* If no ID is assigned, the ad will not serve.
var zz_align Position of the ad  bottom or top
0 0