This document explains how to generate Asynchronous (Async) tag while trafficking an ad. An Asynchronous JS Tag loads in parallel with web page elements. They load independently, hence do not add to the overall page load time and improves the user experience.

Steps to generate Asynchronous (Async) Tag

Channel >> Ad Tag Generator >> Master JS Tag >> Async Tag

  1. Go to the main Channels tab and click on Ad Tag Generator.
  2. The Create Ad Tag page appears with three options Single Ad Tag, Multiple Ad Tag and Master JS Tag.
  3. Click on Master JS Tag and select the appropriate Channel and Ad Dimension for each Ad Slot.
    (Note: You can create up to 20 placements of Channel and Ad Dimension)
  4. The Publisher‘s name automatically displays once you furnish details in the Ad Slot.
  5. Select the Async Tag checkbox.
  6. The Async Master Tag gets generated in the box.
  7. Now, just click on the Email Tags button to send the tags to your publishers.
  8. Place the emailed Asynchronous Master Tag directly on the Publisher’s page (recommended).


  • Async Tags support Standard Banner, Flash, HTML and 3rd Party Ad Tags.
  • Async Tags also support Rich Media ad formats like Expandable, Page Peel, Skinning, IAB Pushdown, Overlay, Adhesion, Sidekick,  IAB Billboard, Stay On and Intromercial.
  • In case of 3rd Party Rich Media Ads, the 3rd party tags need to be friendly IFrame compatible.

Sending Tags

  • Always send tags through the ZEDO interface or as a .txt file attachment in an email.
  • It is not a good practice to copy tags from the body of an email.

Please contact Support with any questions or comments

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