Auto levelling will automatically prioritize all ads serving on a channel based on settings that you have defined.

How it Works

This feature is incorporated into the Rank Ads page. You can define Auto levelling criteria on a Channel -Dimension basis for any bucket (except Exclusive Ads) in the Rank Ads structure. You can use eCPM, CTR or eCPC as the levelling criterion.

Criterion Description Ad Priority
eCPM ZEDO will prioritize ads based on eCPM.For CPC and CPA ads we will calculate eCPM and use the calculated value for prioritizing ads.For CPM ads the eCPM will be same as CPM. The ads with higher eCPM will be given a higher level and weight.You can choose the CPM increase/decrease ($0.25 , $0.50 or $1.00 eCPM) at which an ad moves from one level to the next, or a new level is created.
CTR Ads will be prioritized based on CTR. Ads with higher CTR will be placed at higher level and weight.You can select the CTR increase / decrease (0.05%, 0.10%, 0.25% or 0.50%) at which a new level is created, or at which an ad moves from one level to the next.
eCPC Ads will be prioritized based on eCPC, which will be displayed in a new column on the Rank Ads screen. Ads with lower eCPC will be placed at a higher level in rank ads. (With eCPC, lower indicates better performance.)You can choose the eCPC eCPC increase/decrease ($0.25 or $0.50 or $1.00 eCPC) at which a new level is created or at which an ad moves from one level to the next

 Note: All the calculations will be done using data only for the time period specified by the user.

Auto Levelling Setup in Rank Ads

You can set up the Auto Levelling feature through Rank Ads

Campaigns tab >> Rank Ads

In the Rank Ads UI, tick the Auto Levelling checkbox at the top right hand side of the Premium Bucket to open the Auto Levelling Options window.

Setting Options
Auto Levelling Criteria eCPM, CTR or eCPC
Time Frame From last 7 days to several weeks
New Level Creation rules At what rate increase new levels should be created
Auto Levelling Frequency From one day to several days

Auto Levelling via Account Preferences

Admin tab >> Account Preferences >> Auto Levelling Settings

This section allows you to save time and adjust the default values that show up when you set Auto Levelling in Rank Ads, including

  • Default Level
  • the eCPM, eCPC, and CTR value increments at which new levels are created

You can override these defaults for individual ads in Rank Ads.

Ad Delivery with Auto Levelling

  • How new ads will be handled before Auto Levelling kicks in
    • Set the length of the test period for new ads
    • During this test period place new ads at level based on:
    • Advertiser history
    • Channel history
    • In case no history is available, you can set default level manually.
    • User-defined manual setting:
      • Test new ads on level XX for the first XX impressions or XX clicks or XX actions
  • After selecting the Auto Levelling criteria, users can preview the Auto Levelling applied to the existing ads in that Channel-Dimension combination before saving the changes.

Use case scenario for Auto Levelling

Example: Let us set the auto level feature for a new ad (AdNew) in a Channel. We set a condition to test AdNew for the first 10,000 Impressions OR XX Clicks OR XX Actions. This means that the system will wait for AdNew to serve 10,000 Imps before applying auto-leveling.

Till AdNew serves 10,000 Imps, you can decide the level of AdNew based on one of the following levels: Advertiser History/Channel History/ Define Level.

  • Advertiser History means the data of the previous one week
  • Channel History means the number of channels mapped in the previous week
  • Define Level means you decide the level manually

If you select Advertiser History and set a default level of 200 then that level will be used in case the advertiser history is unavailable. Likewise, if you select Chanel History and set a default level of 200, then that level will be used in case channel history is not available.

Let’s assume that AdNew serves 10,000 Imps and the CTR is 1.90%. Based on its performance, the ad will be placed in a level with other ads that have CTR between 1.85% and 2%.

In another scenario, AdNew2 serves 10,000 Imps and the CTR is 1.50%. Here, AdNew2 will be placed in a level with ads that have a CTR between 1% and 1.84%.

Note: Ads with higher CTR are automatically slotted in the higher level.
You can create new levels based on the CTR increase/decrease (0.05%, 0.10%, 0.25% or 0.50%) and serve ads to different levels accordingly.
You can even change the frequency of ads serving in a particular level every XX days.

How is Auto Levelling different from Automatic Optimization?

ZEDO’s Ad serving algorithm is designed to first serve ads from a higher level and then look at the lower level ads and serve them. Within these levels we have several ads which are given a weight based on its performance.

Auto Optimization works within levels and ensures that the best ad within a level gets the highest weight and serves it at a higher ratio than the other ads in the same level.

Auto levelling is more effective as it works with levels. Auto levelling will place the best ad on a higher level than the lesser performing ads and ensures that the best ad finish serving before moving on to the next best ad.

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