Browser Inventory reports allow you to see how many impressions have been served to specific browsers, and how much inventory you are left with. The Browser Inventory parameters are available in Custom Reports as well.

Run a Browser Inventory Report

To run a Browser inventory report users can target a particular browser to know how much inventory is coming from it or run a report to see which browser is having more inventory and target that specific browser accordingly.

The Browser Inventory report is available for all browsers that ZEDO supports in the UI for browser targeting.

Users can pull browser inventory data for only a month (Example: March 5 to April 4, 2014).

The data is based on the following parameters:

  • Sold Impressions Served: Includes all premium and excess ad impressions.
  • RON Impressions Served: Includes Run of Network (RON) ad impressions which are served on the child channel when child channel has no ads to serve
  • Unsold Impressions: Impressions served to unsold or default ads.
  • Total Impressions: It is the total number of Sold Impressions, RON Impressions and Unsold Impressions.

You can pull report for a particular Channel/Dimension/Country/State/City/DMA and also have an option for daily breakdown.

Steps for Browser Targeting

Campaigns tab >> Create Ad >> Ad Details

  1. Click on the Campaigns tab and Create Ad button.
  2. Enter the Advertiser, Campaign details and furnish Ad Details.
  3. In the Targeting section click on the Browser Option.
  4. Select the desired browsers for targeting.

Steps to get Browser Inventory Report

  1. On the Reports tab click on the Inventory section.
  2. On the Quick screen, select the Report Type from the dropdown list as ‘Browser Inventory Report‘.
  3. Enter details in the Date Range, Placement and Targeting sub-sections and click on Submit.

(Note: If you want a Daily Breakdown then select the box and click on the Submit button)

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