A cache buster is a piece of code, usually a random number, inserted into ad code so that each ad call looks unique to the browser.

This prevents the browser from serving an ad that has been cached (saved in temporary memory), which can cause reporting discrepancies between parties.

Implementing cache busting macros in ZEDO

Most ad code includes a cache busting placeholder. ZEDO automatically replaces the placeholder with the cache busting macro for 3rd party ad tags or other HTML code recognized by ZEDO.

Note: To see the change to the code, you must click the Show Diff button, which will display the original code alongside the ZEDO altered code.

For other ad types, once you’ve added the ad source, highlight the cache busting placeholder and click Insert Timestamp. ZEDO will add the correct cache busting macro for the ad type.

Ad Type Cache Busting Macro
HTML code or 3rd party Ad tag recognized by ZEDO %ZZRAND% (Automatically added by ZEDO)
HTML code or 3rd party Ad tag not recognized by ZEDO %ZZRAND%
Multi-line HTML code snippet %ZZRAND%
Single line URL %t
Redirect (image and href text boxes) %r





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