The system will serve maximum Impressions the moment inventory is available till the Impression limit is met or the Campaign or Ad ends.

If two ads are both premium and at different levels, our ad serving algorithm does the following:

  1. Estimates the Total Impressions available that day on a particular channel for specific dimension. Let’s say this is 10 million Imps.
  2. It searches for Premium Ad at the highest level. If Imps is less than 10m, say 4m for the day, then it will ensure that 4m Imps are served by the end of the day.
  3. It then aims to serve the 4m Imps evenly across the day every hour. The algorithm does front load delivery but also ensures that all 4m are not served by say 1 am or 8 am. (Reason: Advertisers don’t like complete delivery by 8 am).
  4. A user can switch delivery type from Speedy to Even, Speedy to ASAP and vice versa.
  5. Speedy also works when limit is set per day. For example: If a campaign length is for 10 days and per day limit is 1 million Imps. It means each day 10m Imps will be allocated for the campaign/ad to serve. Speedy in this case on each of the 10 days will spread the 1m Imps evenly across per day. It will serve as soon as the inventory is available but will make sure it does not serve the 1m in the first one hour or 2-3 hours of that day.


Only works if there is a limit on delivery. The system will divide the impression limit by the days in the campaign and will deliver the ads evenly throughout the campaign.


The system will serve Impressions as soon as possible till the Imps limit is met or the Campaign / Ad ends. The system will not serve Imps across the day instead it will serve at the earliest.

  1. The ASAP delivery option is useful when an Advertiser wants to meet his goal (serve Total Imps), irrespective of whether they are served in a day or across the length of the campaign.
  2. ASAP algorithm does not spread the Imps across the day. For example: A campaign is set to serve 5 million Imps in 10 days. On Day 1 itself, ASAP could serve all the 5m Imps if it gets a chance to serve. ASAP as the name says “As Soon As Possible” serves at the earliest.
  3. ASAP does not consider take into account the length of the campaign, primary focus is on the allocation and serving it at the earliest. ASAP may serve the allocation on the first day or hour itself even irrespective of the length of the campaign whether is for 10 day or 30 days.
  4. ASAP works along with per day limit. If limit a per day limit is set for say 2 million Imps and the campaign length is for 10 days, than ASAP will serve the allocation of 2 million Imps per day. It may serve the 2m Imps in first hour itself. It will not spread 2m Imps across the day.
  5. A user can switch delivery type from ASAP to Speedy, ASAP to Even and vice versa.


Campaign/Ad goals will be distributed equally across days of campaign. The day’s goal will not be distributed across hours and will be served as soon as possible.

If we have a campaign which is suppose to deliver 100,000 impressions in 10 days, Accelerated delivery type will work as below:

  1. Distribute the 100k impressions equally across 10 flight dates of the campaign which will be 10k impressions per day.
  2. After the campaign starts serving it will try to serve out the 10k impressions of the day as soon as possible without distributing day’s goal across hours of the day.
  3. A user can switch delivery type from Accelerated to Even , Speedy and ASAP.
  4. Accelerated will not be available if the limit type is impressions per day, clicks per day and Actions per day.
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