Channel Structure

In ZEDO, the channel structure is hierarchical. At the top of the hierarchy is Run of Network (RON), which you cannot edit, and under which you can create other channels.

Any channel you create will be considered a “child” channel of RON. You can also create children of other channels, up to four additional levels. A channel is a Parent to the channels created under it.

Run of Network
> Parent (Level 1)
>> Child (Level 2)
>>> Child (Level 3)
>>>> Child (Level 4)

Ad serving logic (channel promotion)

ZEDO uses this hierarchy to serve ads if there are no ads targeted to a channel with an active ad tag. When a channel has served all of the ads targeted to it (or does not have any ads targeted to it), the System will try to “borrow” ads from its parent channel (and so on up the hierarchy to Run of Network). If there is no ad to borrow, the System will serve a blank*.

This sometimes causes ad impressions to be recorded on the “wrong” channel (that is, a channel to which the ad was not specifically targeted).

If undesirable, channel promotion can be avoided by making sure that there is at least one unlimited ad targeted to every channel.

Avoiding blanks
Blanks can be avoided by uploading a Default ad for each ad dimension.
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