What are Channel Sets?

Channel Sets allow you to target many channels with one click, and are best used for groups of channels that you target regularly. 

 Create a Channel Set

  1. Click the Channels tab
  2. Click the View Channel Set sub link
  3. Click the Create Channel Set button
  4. Name the Channel Set and select from the list of all Channels in your account
    • You can select multiple channels by holding down Ctrl when you click; or to select multiple adjacent channels, hold down Shift and use the arrow key
    • Use Add, Add All, Remove and Remove All to add or remove the channels to or from the Channel Set
  5. Click Submit

Flash Enabled Note: This functionality has been superseded by VAST and will be phased out. 

You can create special Channel Sets for Flash Enabled channels. Flash enabled channels are used to serve ads inside a Flash environment.

Exclusion Set 

You can create a sub-set that allows you to target to a Channel Set, but untarget some Channels in it. 

Edit an existing Channel Set

  1. Click the name of the Channel Set that you would like to edit
  2. You can edit the name of the Channel Set and add or remove channels to or from the Channel Set
  3. Click Submit

Disable or re-enable a Channel Set

On the View Channel Set page you can enable or disable a Channel Set by selecting its check box in the Active column and clicking Submit.

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