ZEDO’s Competing Categories feature allows you serve ads from competing advertisers (e.g. Coke and Pepsi) on a single web page while making sure that those advertisers’ ads don’t appear together.

Setting up Competing Ads in ZEDO

The Competing Ads setup has 2 steps:

  • Set Competing Categories on a Campaign
  • Implement the tags on the website

How to set Competing Categories on a Campaign

  • On the Campaign Details page, click on the Set Competing Campaigns link.
  • On the following page, select which Campaigns you want to compete with each other.
  • If you want the ads within a campaign to compete with each other, check Self Competing. (Campaigns can compete both within themselves and with other campaigns at the same time.)

Implement the ad tags on the site

When implementing the tags on the page you will have to implement all the tags (Channel-Dimension combinations) on the same page for competing ads to function properly.

Recommended ad tags are:

  • Master JS
  • JavaScript tags

All the above tags are available on the Ad Tag Generator page.

Master JS Tag

  • This is a combined tag for multiple ad slots on a page. It makes a single request to ZEDO AD Server and works faster when compared to traditional tags.
  • The Master JS Tag helps adhere to companion business rules strictly. It is highly recommended for companion ad setups.


  • Only normal (non-exclusive) campaigns can be set up to Compete.
  • Currently, Competing Categories will not work for browsers with blocked cookies.
  • Only Master JS Tag can support work for browsers with blocked cookies.
  • Competing does not work between VAST XML and Display Ads.
  • Competing does not work with IFrame Tags.
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