Cost per Day (CPD) is a revenue model developed by ZEDO that you can use when an Advertiser wants to run a campaign at a fixed, per-day price. You can generate CPD reports that allow you see the performance of campaigns using this revenue model.

CPD impression revenue calculation depends on four added parameters ie, days targeted, days delivered, Minimum Threshold, Revenue the need for this reporting feature arrived.

Steps to generate CPD Report

Reports >> CPD

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on the CPD sub tab.
  2. The Quick CPD Report section appears.
  3. Select the Report Type as Campaign report from the dropdown list.
  4. In the Advertiser Details section select the Advertiser and Campaign from the dropdown list.
    Note: You will be able to see reporting details (advertiser and campaign entries in the drop down) only for those advertisers/campaigns which have the revenue type CPD.
  5. You can view the report by Summary for a specific date range.
  6. Enter the Date Range of your choice (DD/MM/YY) from anywhere between Jan 2014 till date.
  7. Select the Performance Metrics of your choice for the campaign report (All, Imps Delivered, Clicks, CTR, Postclick Actions, PostImps Actions, Conv Rate, Day Targeted, Days Delivered, Minimum Thresh, Revenue)
    • Days Targeted: This field defines the targeted days for the campaign to serve.
    • Days Delivered: This field defines the days delivered based on the threshold achieved. The day will be counted only if minimum threshold for that day is achieved.
    • Minimum Threshold: This field defines the impression threshold which needs to be mentioned while creating the CPD campaign. It is the minimum impression requirement for the campaign to achieve its goal.
  8. Finally, click on the Submit button.


  • Maximum flight dates of the campaign can be 13 months.
  • Campaign revenue type cannot be changed once the campaign is submitted.
  • User will not be allowed to change an existing non CPD campaign into CPD.
  • Action Tracking is available but the action rate will not be used to calculate revenue.
  • If user makes changes in the ad threshold/days targeted: the changes will be applied retroactively.

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