You can create a PostClick Campaign in PostClick Advertisers and non-PostClick Advertisers.

Steps to create a PostClick Campaign

  • Click Create Campaign within the Campaigns tab.
  • In the Create Campaign view, choose the PostClick option for the Advanced Tracking field.
    Note: If the campaign belongs to a PostClick Advertiser, then the actions defined for the Advertiser will automatically get selected for the campaign. (If you want to enter a new action or modify an existing action, you will have to go to the Edit Advertiser view. Any change you perform will affect all PostClick Campaigns within that Advertiser).
  • Tracking tags are generated by clicking the Tracking Tags button within View Advertisers.
  • Please append %x to the Clickthrough URL of the ads created for these campaigns.
For Non-PostClick Advertiser
  • If the campaign belongs to a non-PostClick Advertiser, then on selecting ?PostClick? in the Advanced Tracking field, the screen will refresh to display fields for PostClick tracking.
  • Select a tracking lifetime of 30, 60 or 90 days.
  • Define the actions and the URLs where you will place your Action Tracking tags.
  • Sample actions can be signup, buy or form submission.
  • Once the Campaign is setup, you can upload the creative to that campaign in the usual manner as described in the ZEDO manual.
  • Note: Please append ?ref=%z to the Clickthrough URL of the ads created for these campaigns.
If clickthrough was you could enter it as Remember to do the same for all uploaded HTML ads in a PostClick campaign.If the ad you want to run is a FORM based ad, please contact ZEDO support at for help.
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