Default ads are free-of-charge ads which will serve when there is no other ad to serve on a channel. You can set up one “default ad” (often a house ad or public service announcement for each ad dimension that you run. If there is nothing else to serve, ZEDO will serve this ad. There are no ad serving fees for Default Ad impressions.

Setting up Default Ads

Default ads are managed under the Channels Tab. Since these are no-charge ads, ZEDO will not host the image file. You can enter an image path and clickthrough for each ad dimension’s default ad.

  1. Click the Channels Tab.
  2. Click Default Ads.
  3. Click the Dimension Name for the dimension you want to set up a default ad.
  4. Enter the image URL and clickthrough URL.
  5. Test the ad appearance and clickthrough.
  6. Click Submit.

Reporting of Default Ad Impressions

Impressions for default ads are included under the advertiser “System Advertiser”. The impressions are included in all general reports and dashboards. If you do not see default ad impressions, and want to, contact ZEDO Support or your Account Manager to activate this feature for you.

Access Control

If you run an ad network, you can control whether or not your Publisher users should see the Default Ad impressions when they log in.

To manage what a particular role can see:

  1. Click the Users Tab
  2. Click the Role Name of the role you wish to edit
  3. Modify access to Default Impression Data as desired
  4. Click Submit

Common Questions

Why can I only point to an image, rather than upload an image?
Since this is a free-of-charge ad impression, we cannot host the ad for you.

Why can’t I rotate different house ads in this slot?
We only allow one default to be defined per ad dimension. This is done as a service to you, to prevent blank spots appearing on your site or network when you have nothing left to serve. If you want to manage multiple house ads and use the many ad serving features available, such as targeting, frequency capping and more, please set up these ads as House Campaigns, which can use the full suite of ZEDO ad serving features.

Do you charge for blanks or Default Ads?
ZEDO does not charge for serving Default Ads or blanks. (They are sometimes referred to as FOCs – Free of Charge.)


Contact ZEDO Technical Support team at with Queries and Suggestions

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