User Roles can be managed through the Admin tab in your account.
Roles allow you to give different access to different users.

There are five default Role types, each with different permissions.

  • Ad Trafficker: Has complete administrative access to the account
  • Publisher with Trafficking: Can traffic ads and run reports, but not manage other User information
  • Advertiser: Can run reports for designated Advertisers/Campaigns
  • Publisher: Can run reports for designated Publishers/Advertisers
  • Sales: Can run reports for designated Publishers/Advertisers

Creating Custom Roles: 

You can go through the list of permissions given to a Role Type and select the ones you would like to grant to the Custom Role.
For example: If you want a client to be able to traffic ads, but not approve them, you can create a Role specific to that client, with limited permissions.

A single User can have access to multiple ZEDO accounts, and have different Roles for each one of them.See also: Creating a New User For more detailed information see the PDF How-To Guide: User Accounts.
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