Dormant is a channel status that allows the system to identify when ad tags have likely been removed by a publisher and remove them from the ad serving engine’s estimations of what ads to serve; this speeds up the system.

ZEDO sets a threshold below which it is assumed that a channel (ad tag) is no longer requesting ads. A second threshold is set for reactivating a Dormant channel. These rules for this are:

  • Set to DORMANT if the channel (across all dimensions) has served less than 100 impressions in the last 7 days
  • Set to ACTIVE if the channel (across all dimensions) has served at least 100 impressions in the last 3 hours
Changing the default values
The impression and time period values listed are the defaults set by ZEDO. Contact Support or your Account Manager if you want to change them.

New Channels
New channels that have no ads scheduled to them are subject to the same rules for dormancy as existing channels. (If the rule is [<1 impression in 7 days = Dormant], then the new channel will be made dormant after seven days.)

Identifying dormant channels
Dormant channels are indicated throughout the UI by the Dormant icon (a crescent moon) or by italic grey text.

Dormant channels will continue to record impressions and clicks and will show up in reports.
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