Dormant is a channel status that allows ZEDO to identify when ad tags have likely been removed by a publisher.  Dormant channels are not included in the ad serving engine’s estimations of what ads to serve; this speeds up the system.

What makes it Dormant?

Based on your requirements, ZEDO sets a threshold below which it is assumed that a channel (ad tag) is no longer requesting ads. A second threshold is set for reactivating a Dormant channel.

Set to DORMANT if the channel (across all dimensions) has served less than A impressions in the last B days

Set to ACTIVE if the channel (across all dimensions) has served at least X impressions in the last Y hours

Values are described in the table below.







Minimum # daily impressions to determine channel dormancy




Sample interval (in days)




Minimum # of total impressions to determine channel activity




Sample interval (in hours)


Example for reactivation

A Dormant channel has been serving 0 impressions per day for two months and then at 9:00am, January 1, 2020, it starts serving 20 impressions per hour.  If the threshold is 50 impressions in the last 3 hours, then at 12:00pm, the channel will have served 60 impressions.  The system will recognize it as Active, and the channel will get ads in the next push.

Changing the default settings

To change the default settings, contact Support or your Account Manager.

New channels not showing ads

There is a built-in time lag before a new channel can be made dormant.

Managing Channel status

Throughout the UI Dormant status is indicated by either the Dormant icon or by italic grey text.

Channel status is managed on View Channels.

Once a channel has been set to Dormant, users can set it back to Active. Only­­ ZEDO can mark a channel as Dormant.

Always Active status

You can select up to 50 channels that you want to keep from ever becoming Dormant. You can set a channel to Always Active in two ways

  1. In Create/Edit Channel there is an Always Active checkbox
  2. On the View Channels page, Always Active will appear in the Status dropdowm
  3. Submit changes

Dormant Channel Behavior

While Dormant

Requests made to a dormant channel (ad tag) before a channel is reactivated will be met with ads from a parent channel (including Run of Network) or with Default Ads[1]. If there are no ads to serve, the system will serve blanks.

Reactivation of a Dormant channel

A Dormant channel is set to Active if

  • an ad tag for that channel makes enough requests to cross the threshold
  • a new ad tag is pulled for the channel

Note: It is not possible to create a child channel for a Dormant channel. One must first reactivate the channel.

Targeting to Dormant channels

It is possible to target creative to a dormant channel but the ad will not serve on that channel until

  • the user sets it to active, or
  • it is automatically activated by crossing the threshold

Dormant channels can’t serve House ads, but can serve Default ads.

Contact Support with questions or comments.

[1] Default Ads are set up in the Channels Tab, using the Default Ads link. You can set one default for each ad dimension across your account.

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