Expandable Ad:

Below are the steps to create an expandable banner with multiple files.

Document Link: http://kb.zedo.com/expandable-ad-image/

Expandable [with multiple files):

Expandable banner[with multiple files] consists of a base ad and the expanded ad.

Below are the steps to create Expandable [with multiple files]:

  • Go to the Create Adtab under the Campaign 
  • Select the Advertiser for which you need to create the ad and also the campaign under which the ad is going to be live.
  • Under the Create Ad tab, click on the Rich Media Ads tab in the Ad Details section.
  • Select the Rich Media ad type as Custom Rich Media Ads.
  • Ad Dimension: Provide the ad dimension of your choice.
  • Ad Name: Provide the ad name of your choice.
  • In the primary ad section, you will find an option as Generate Custom ad, click on the Generate Custom ad button and a new page will be opened.
  • Select the appropriate Ad Format Template i.e. Expandable [multiple files].
  • Base Unit:
    • In the base unit section we have three option to be uploaded:
    • HTML: Here you can upload HTML5 creative for the expandable banner.
    • Image: You can upload an image for the expandable banner.
    • Upload the image by clicking on the select file button in the base unit.
    • Ad Dimension: Provide the ad dimension of your choice e.g. 300×250.
    • Below the ad dimension we have an option which says Initiate on :
    • Click: Here the banner will expand when the user clicks on it.
    • Mouseover: In this case, the banner will expand when the user mouse over on it.
    • Clickthrough URL: Provide the click-through URL which should open when the user clicks on the base ad.
    • After completing the base unit now we move on to expand unit for the banner.
  • Expand Unit:
    • Here again, you have to upload the image which will be shown when the banner will expand.
    • Ad Dimension: Provide the dimension for the expanded banner.
    • Clickthrough URL: Provide the click-through URL which should open when the user clicks on the expanded ad.
    • You can keep the click-through URL for the expanded banner same as the base unit by clicking on the checkbox which says the same as base ad.
    • Auto Insert Functions:
    • We do have auto-insert functionality for the expandable banner where we can do the required modification with the close and expand button placed on the banner.
    • Users can set if the user wants to see Text/Button on their expandable banner and can change the color and the position for the close and expand button using the auto insert function.
    • Expand From: We do have an option as Expand From which will set the position from where the banner will expand from.
    • Auto Expand: In the auto-expand section user can specify whether the ad should load on page load or after some delay (in seconds) and the ad closure time.
    • Modify Z Index: You can select the Modify Z Index checkbox if required.
    • Target Ad to Multiple Channels: You can target the same ad to multiple channels by enabling this option.
    • Enable the Wrapper has overflow hidden
  • After inserting all the parameters, click on Create File & Upload button this will create a custom Expandable ad for your reference.
  • Research Vendor Tag:
    • In the research vendor tag, you can select the vendor as:
    • Quantcast:
      • Account ID: Here you need to provide the account id.
      • Tag type: Here you can select the tag types as HTML or Advertiser.
    • Other vendors:
      • URL: Here you can insert the tracking URL.
      • HTML code: Here you can insert the tracking code.
    • After uploading the file you have to select the targeting options i.e. GEO Targeting, Frequency Capping, Date/Time Targeting, Profile Targeting, etc.
    • Once you click on submit you will be redirected to a new page which will give you the confirmation that the ad was created.

Demo Link: http://demos.zedo.com/demos/ZedoDemos/expandable.html

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