Expandable ad units offer more real estate than traditional media. The expandable panel runs in current ad positions, and can contain anything one would normally put on a web page (including additional information, dynamic data, video streaming, data collection, interactive games, and more).

Types of Expandable Ad

On Click

The Ad loads in the default mode in the layout and expands when clicked. The close button returns the ad to its default dimensions.

On Mouse Over

The Ad loads in the default mode and expands when the user hovers the mouse over it. The ad returns to its original size once the user stops to move the mouse over it.


Ad Dimensions:  Any (standard or custom) Type:    Flash (.swf ) Max File size:     4MB

Note: For this setup we require two flash files.

The replay / close functionality for the On Click Expandable should be added in the flash file.

Setting up Expandable Ads

  1. Append any necessary code in the Flash file (User Initiated on Click only)
  2. Traffic the creative in ZEDO
  3. Generate the Ad Tag

Append code in the Flash file

Note: The Mouse Over Expandable mode does not need any coding, On Click Expandable mode needs a certain amount of code to be implemented as shown below.

Code for the Base Ad

In the base ad that opens in default mode, you need to insert this code

on(release) {
(zzReplay can also be substituted by zzExpand function.)

Code for the Expanded Ad

In the Expanded Mode Ad file, you need to add this piece of code

on(release) {

Together, these two chunks of code ensure that the base ad leads into the expanded and the expanded ad, after playing, back to the base-ad file.

Traffic the creative in ZEDO

  • Select the Ad Type
  • Upload the Base Unit and Overlay Ad files
  • Specify Ad behavior, including:
    • Direction of expansion
    • Ad on load (in addition to user controls)
    • Auto close time

Generate the Ad Tag

Once you have created your ad, move to the Ad Tag Generator Page to generate the Ad Tag that will ultimately display your ad on your publisher’s web page. Note: Rich Media Ads work only with JavaScript tags.


In order to run Rich Media Ads on a publisher:

  • The publisher needs to have the Rich Media ads feature turned on
  • The Flash Files need to be created as per the ZEDO guidelines provided


Only JavaScript tags are supported and not Iframe Tags   Contact Support with questions or comments.

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