To generate an ad tag to place on a Publisher site:

Channels tab >> Ad Tag Generator subtab 

  • Select the Channel and Ad Dimension for the tag
  • Select the Publisher
    • If the channel is linked to a publisher, this will auto-fill with the correct publisher and you will not be able to edit it.
    • If the channel is not linked to a publisher, this will auto-fill with the Default Publisher, but you can change it.
      • Selecting the incorrect publisher can lead to discrepancies in reporting.
  • Select the Tag Type
    • The tag will auto-generate in the Generated Ad Tag section.
    • Unless otherwise instructed by a Support engineer, do not alter the tag.
Sending the Tag to the Publisher
  • You can use the Email Tags button to send the tag to one or more email addresses, along with a message.
  • If you need to cut and paste the tag, paste it into a text-only file to retain the formatting.
If the tag is placed on the publisher page before ads targeted to it are live, the tag will show blanks. Use the View Ads button to preview what ads will show up on the tag.
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