The Side Kick ad format also known as the Horizontal Page Pusher expands from the right side of the screen, pushing the page content to the left, temporarily out of view. Once the expanded ad unit closes and collapses, the page content is pushed back to the right.

How it Works

The Sidekick ad format has In-Page Display unit and an Expanded Sidekick Unit. The latter (i.e. flash, video, image, 3rd Party tag, web URL) expands on page load by pushing the main content to one side.

Steps to traffic a Sidekick (Horizontal Page Pusher) Ad

Create Ad >> Rich Media Ads >> Custom Rich Media >> Generate Custom Ad >> Sidekick (Horizontal Page Pusher)

  1. Go to Create Ad and click on the Rich Media Ads sub-tab.
  2. From the Rich Media Ad Types drop-down list select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  3. In the Primary Ad section click on Generate Custom Ad
  4. From the Select Ad Format drop-down list, select the Sidekick (Page Pusher – Horizontal) ad format.
  5. Click on the In-Page Display Unit check box. (Note: If unselected there will be no base ad)
  6. In the In-Page Display Unit section, upload your creative as Flash, Image,  3rd Party Tag or HTML5.
  7. If you select 3rd Party Tag, then select the Ad Server from the dropdown list and paste the tag in the box. Note: Only IFrame Tags are accepted.
  8. You can upload Alternate Image for Flash and Video ad.
  9. The Ad Dimension by default for the In-Page Display Unit is 300×250 (recommended)
  10. Select the desired Properties by clicking on the radio button to decide whether the base unit should Expand on Mouseover or Expand on clicking Replay.
  11. In the Expanded Sidekick Unit section, upload the Creative as Flash, Video, Image, 3rd Party Tag or Web URL.
  12. If you select 3rd Party Tag, then select the Ad Server from the dropdown list and paste the tag in the box.  Note: Only IFrame Tags are accepted.
  13. If you select Web URL, then paste the URL in the box. (Note: Click Tracking will not be recorded)
  14. You can upload Alternate Image for Flash, Video and 3rd Party Tag.
  15. The Ad Dimension by default for the Expanded Sidekick Unit is 850×700 (recommended).
  16. If In-Page Display Unit is unchecked you can upload HTML5 creative as well In the Expanded Sidekick Unit.
  17. You can select desired Properties parameters to decide whether the ad unit should Expand from Right/Left, Expand on Page Load, Auto Close after XX seconds etc…
  18. Paste the Clickthrough URL in the box and click on Create File & Upload.


Generate a JavaScript ad tag

If the tag is already live on the publisher page this ad should run in rotation with others targeted to serve on the channel.

Implementing the ad tag

The standard JavaScript tag can be directly hosted on the website (recommended) or trafficked to a 3rd Party Ad Server.


Impressions, clicks and actions will be available in standard Performance Reports and Report Builder.


Contact Support with Questions and Suggestions

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