The Billboard HTML5 ad format is rendered like a mini web page. It works flawlessly on all browsers and mobile operating systems. It also reduces development and operational costs. Agency/Creative-developers who are developing the HTML5 creative should make the required changes before providing it to ZEDO for it to work correctly.

Steps to create billboard ads:

  • Go to the Create Adtab under the Campaign 
  • Select the Advertiser for which you need to create the ad and also the campaign under which the ad is going to be live.
  • Under the Create Adtab click on the Rich Media Ads tab in the Ad Details section.
  • Select the Rich Media ad type as Custom Rich Media
  • Ad Dimension: Provide the ad dimension of your choice.
  • Ad Name: Provide the ad name of your choice.
  • In the primary ad section, you will find an option as Generate Custom ad, click on the Generate Custom ad button and a new page will be opened.
  • Select the appropriate Ad Format Template i.e.Billboard.
  • Upload Creative:
    • Users can upload creative in image as well as HTML format.
    • Image: User can upload an image as well as the path of the image as a banner.
    • HTML: User can upload HTML creative as banner.
    • Add File: By clicking on this button user can upload an image for the banner.
    • Ad Dimension: Provide ad dimension of your choice.
  • Show Ad Button Option:
    • Simple Icon: A simple banner will be shown without any branding.
    • Residual Branding – Vertical 88 x 62:It allows the user to add the branding image vertically.
    • Residual Branding – Horizontal 196 x 31:It allows the user to add the branding image horizontally.
    • Center Align Ad: It will align the ad at the center of the webpage.
    • Always Auto Expand: This option will automatically expand the banner as soon as the page loads.
  • Clickthrough URL: Insert the click-through URL which should open when the user clicks on the banner.
  • Research Vendor Tag:
  • In the research vendor tag, you can select the vendor as :
  • Quantcast:
  • Account ID: Here you need to provide the account id.
  • Tag type: Here you can select the tag types as HTML or Advertiser.
  • Other vendors:
  • URL: Here, you can insert the tracking URL.
  • HTML code: Here, you can insert the tracking code.
  • After uploading the file you have to select the targeting options i.e. GEO Targeting, Frequency Capping, Date/Time Targeting, Profile Targeting, etc.
  • Once you click on submit you will be redirected to a new page which will give you the confirmation that the ad was created.

Demo link:


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