The Billboard HTML5 ad format is rendered like a mini web page. It works flawlessly on all browsers and mobile operating systems. It also reduces development and operational costs. Agency/Creative-developers who are developing the HTML5 creative should make the required changes before providing it to ZEDO for it to work correctly.

Steps to Create Billboard HTML5

Create Ad > Rich Media Ads > Rich Media Ad Types > Custom Rich Media Ads > Generate Custom Ad > Billboard

  1. Go to the main Campaigns tab and click on the Create Ad sub-tab.
  2. Enter Advertiser and Campaign name from the drop-down list.
  3. In the Ad Details section, click on the Rich Media Ads sub-tab.
  4. From the Rich Media Ad Types drop-down list select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  5. Enter Ad Dimension, Ad Name and click on the Generate Custom Ad tab.
  6. From the Select Ad Format drop-down list, select the Billboard ad format.
  7. In the Billboard section, from the Upload Creative drop-down list, select either Flash/Image/HTML5/ and URL option to upload your creative.
  8. You can add Alternate Image file by uploading the image or pasting the Image URL.
  9. The Ad Dimension by default is 970×250, change as per your requirement.
  10. In the Show Ad Button option, select the desired property parameters – Simple Icon, Residual Branding
    Vertical 88×62 or Residual Branding Horizontal 196×31.
  11. Select the Always Auto Expand checkbox to automatically expand the ad with every page load or set the number of times per day the ad should auto expand.
  12. Paste the Clickthrough URL in the empty box. (Note: You can add more clickthrough URLs).
  13. The clickTAG names have to be the same here and in the uploaded Flash file.
  14. Finally, click on the Create File & Upload button.

Traffic Custom Ad Code

Create Ad >> Normal tab

  • Ad Dimension
    • Use any 1×1 ad dimension
    • Custom dimension (must be exact dimensions of base file)
  • Upload custom JS code
  • Target the Ad
  • Submit

 Close Function for Billboard

ActionScript 2 

on(release) {

ActionScript 3 

function closeBillboardAd(event:MouseEvent):void {"zzBillBoardClose"); 
closeButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, closeBillboardAd);

Generate the ad tag

This ad requires a JavaScript tag.

Implementing the ad tag

The standard JavaScript tag can be directly hosted on the website (recommended) or trafficked to a 3rd Party Ad Server.


Impressions, Clicks and Actions will be available in standard Performance Reports and Report Builder.

Contact ZEDO Technical Support team at with Queries and Suggestions

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