To create a Campaign in ZEDO, you need to enter some basic information like – Advertiser Name, Campaign Name, Run Date, etc. This document gives a brief explanation of settings that may not be self-explanatory.

Steps to Create a Campaign

  1. Click on the main Campaigns tab to see the Campaign Dashboard screen.
  2. Select an Advertiser from the dropdown list.
  3. In the Campaign field box, click on the Create Campaign button from the dropdown list.
  4. The Create Campaign screen will appear with the advertiser name and various setting options.
  5. Enter the Campaign Details, Advanced Delivery Options, Turn on Action Tracking.
    (Note: Info of each setting/feature is mentioned below)
  6. Finally, click on the Submit button.

Info on different Create Campaign settings


Campaign Name: You need to enter a name for your campaign here.

Campaign Type (Normal / Exclusive): Most campaigns are Normal. Select the Exclusive option for sponsored campaigns. Ads are served on higher priority to ‘Exclusive Campaign’ than Normal ads running on the same channel/ad dimension combination.

Start Date/Time: Enter the start date (DD/MM/YYYY) of your campaign here. (Note: You can also set individual Ads to serve on particular days within the Campaign date range.)

Inventory Type (Premium/Excess {Remnant}): Premium Ads are served before Excess (remnant) Ads. Note: Excess ads are apt for filler campaigns, or for ads that do not have performance goals. (For more info see: How It Works: Rank Ads.)

End Date/Time: Enter the end date (DD/MM/YYYY) of your campaign here.

  • Infinite: If you select the Infinite option, the campaign will run infinitely till you decided to close it.
  • Notify: If you select the Notify box, you will receive notifications of the end date in advance.
  • Set Reminder: This feature will send you reminders of the campaign’s end date via email. Reminders will be sent around 5AM – 05.00 GMT).

I/O Reference No: You should add an IO number to keep track of multiple creative that belong to a single IO, or add another reference note. This field is available as a parameter in the Report Builder.

Delivery Type (Speedy/Even/ASAP): You can select the desired delivery option from dropdown list. A user can switch delivery type from ASAP to Speedy, ASAP to Even and vice versa.

  • Speedy: The system will serve maximum impressions as it can for the duration of the campaign.
  • Even: If you have set a limit on delivery, the system will evenly deliver your ads across the length of the campaign.
  • ASAP: The system will serve the total impressions as soon as possible unevenly irrespective of the campaign duration.

Revenue Type: There are various revenue models (CPA/CPM/CPC/CPD/CPE/CPA/Barter Ad/House Ad/House Redirect). Select the desired one from the dropdown list.

CPA: The system calculates the revenue using the rate you set for the campaign or individual actions.

CPM: It is the cost per 1,000 Impressions. CPM refers to the total cost of 1,000 visitor requests to view an ad.

CPC: It is the cost-per-click-through. The amount charged to an Advertiser for each click a banner ad attracts.

CPD: The Advertiser buys a quantity (no of days to be run) at a fixed per day price.

CPE: It is cost -per-event. The amount charged to an advertiser for each assigned event recorded for the ad.

Barter Ad: An arrangement in which two parties’ trade ads or links for mutual benefit. It is an ad that is set up for a Barter System exchange. In ZEDO, Barter ads will serve before House Ads.

House Ad: It is a low priority revenue mode. House Ad campaigns are often trafficked to serve when there is unsold inventory; they are often used for ad network ads.

House Redirect: It is a low priority revenue mode. House Redirect campaign only allows redirect URLs to be uploaded as ads.
Revenue Calculation (Use Campaign Rate):

Rate: You can set the Campaign Rate here. If the revenue rate for a Campaign is changed midway, you can create additional date ranges to reflect the changed rate(s). Note: Changing the rate without creating a new date range will cause all historical data to reflect the new rate.

Set Multiple Date Ranges: Select the checkbox to enter the dates (From DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY) and Rate
Click on the + sign to add dates

Rank (Level and Weight): 60/1

Custom Reporting: Enable this option to flag the campaign as custom reporting campaign. This will allow you to hide impressions, clicks and/or actions from reports for Custom Ad Trafficking, Publisher roles.
Notes: Click on “Type notes here” to enter notes in the box.

Advanced Delivery Option

  • Impressions Allocation by Ad (recommended): This allocation method lets ZEDO automatically determine the appropriate inventory allocation on some or all of the Channels that your ad is targeted to.
  • By Channel per Ad: This allocation method allows you to control the exact inventory allocation on each Channel that your ad(s) is targeted to.

Limit Type: Select the desired option (Impressions/Clicks/Actions/Actions per day/Impressions per day/Clicks per day) from the dropdown list.

Apply Frequency Cap: Select the checkbox if you want to cap the number of times an ad appears on a channel.
Global/All Channels (xx) impressions every (xx) day.

Turn on Action Tracking

Select Post Click / Post Impression / Post Impression + Post Click

  • Post Click: The tracking cookie is set for users who click on the ad. If the user completes the defined action, ZEDO records a Post Click Action. This only works on ads that have functional Click Tracking.
  • Post Impression: The tracking cookie is set for every user who sees the ad. If a user with this cookie completes the defined action, ZEDO will record the action.
  • Post Impression + Post Click: This is a combination of Post Click and Post Impressions tracking. The Post Impression tracking cookie is set for every user who sees the ad. If the user clicks on the ad, a Post Click tracking cookie is set as well. If the cookied user completes the action without clicking on the ad, ZEDO records a Post Impression action and no revenue is calculated. If the cookied user completes the action after clicking on the ad, ZEDO records a Post Click action and then calculates revenue.

Track for (xx) days

Enter the Action Name (xx) in the box and the Rate Rs (xx)

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