This document explains in detail how to Create, Assign and Report with the help of Tag Name and Value.

The Assign Tag option is available on Create/Edit page for below entities:

  • Advertiser
  • Campaign
  • Creative

Steps to Create Tags

  1. Select the Assign Tag as ‘ON’.
  2. To create a new Tag, enter a name for the tag (e.g. Sales) and click on Add.
  3. As soon as the Tag Name is added, enter the value for the newly created Tag (e.g. Mike) and click on Add.
  4. The newly entered Tag Name and Value will be registered in the system as soon as you click Add for future use.
  5. When you click on the Submit, the entity will be assigned to the selected Tags.

Steps to Reuse Tags

  1. Select the Assign Tag as ‘ON’.
  2. Type the Tag Name. (Note: If the Tag is already created, it will be available in the searched name list)
  3. Select the desired value.
  4. Type the Tag Value. (Note: If the Tag Value is already created then it will be available in the Searched value list)
  5. Select the desired value.
  6. Once you click on Submit, the entity will be assigned to the selected Tags.

Steps to Delink Tags

  1. On the Edit page, in the Assign Tags section, delete the assignment by clicking on the Cancel button.
  2. Once you click on Submit, the entity will be delinked from the previously assigned tag.


  • A Tag Name and Value combination created will be available across all the entities.
  • A Tag Value created will be available only for the Tag Name for which it is created.
  • You can add upto 5 tags per entity.
  • You cannot repeat a Tag Name once it is assigned to an entity.
  • The Tag Name and values are case sensitive.
  • The Tag Name and Value can be upto 40 characters.
  • You can create upto 5,000 unique Tag Name-Value combinations across entities.
  • You can delete a tag assigned to an entity. However, no reporting history will be maintained for the deleted link, post deletion.


Once the tags are assigned to an entity, you can pull a report by the Tag Name, Tag Value or by entity for a Tag Name or Value from the Report Builder.

Each entity (i.e. Advertiser, Campaign and Creative) will have the following subfield in the Report Builder:

  • Tag Name
  • Tag Value

These fields can be used as Reporting column or as a Constraint to pull the desired report.

Ms Alex would like to pull a monthly Revenue Report by sales rep.
While trafficking the Advertisers are assigned to Tag Name: Sales and Tag Value as the sales rep names.
Ms Alex sets up a report.
She selects the following fields in the table structure:

  • Advertiser
  • Tag Value
  • Impressions
  • Revenue

Selects constraint as Tag Name from Advertiser field and enter value as Sales.
She then saves and schedules the report.


The Tag Name and Tag Value are specific to an entity. If a Tag Name is assigned to an entity then you need to select the subfield of that entity in Report Builder.

Example: If a Tag Name is assigned to Advertiser entity, then while pulling a report you need to select the Tag Name subfield under the Advertiser field.

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