This feature will allow you to serve ads of different sizes via an Async Master Ad Tag with a single ad dimension defined. You need to define the actual size of the creative in the create/edit ad form which will be used to re-size the ad container while serving the ad.

Steps to Traffic Ads

  1. Open Create Ad
    1. Select Ad Dimension (which will be used in the ad). Eg: Medium Rectangle 300×250
    2. Select the checkbox “Define actual ad size”
      1. Enter the actual width and height of the ad. Eg: 300×600
      2. Complete the other ad details and submit.

Ad Tag Implementation

Open Channels tab >> Master Ad Tag generator:

  • Generate Async Master Tag from the UI for the required ad dimension. Eg: Medium Rectangle 300×250.

How it Works

Our Async Master tag will work as below:

  • Before serving the ad on the page we will always check if the actual ad size is defined for the ad. If the actual ad size is defined, we will re-size the ad container to the actual size defined
    and will serve the ad in the re-sized container on the page.
  • If the ad does not have the actual size defined, we will use the width and height defined in the Async Master Tag to create the ad container to serve the ad.

For e.g: A web page has a 300×250 Async Master Tag from ZEDO which has 300×250 ads (with no actual ad size defined) and 300×600 ads (with actual ad size defined) scheduled to serve.

  • On page load the first ad scheduled is 300×600, hence the ad server will detect that the ad has actual ad size defined as 300×600 we will re-size the container to 300x 600 size to serve the
  • On the next refresh, we have the 300×250 ad which does not have the actual ad size defined
    and hence we will use the ad dimension defined in the Ad tag i.e. 300×250 and re-size the ad
    container to serve the ad.

Note: The web page should have the necessary provisions to re-size the ad slot to serve the ads of different ad dimensions.


Currently, we do not support Actual Ad Size with Ad Template creatives on Master Async tag.


Contact Support with questions or comments.

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