Viewability is a metrics which ensures that a creative is viewed by users. We now track these metrics based on the guidelines provided by MRC for Display ads.


Viewable Display Ad Impressions are counted when the following criteria are met:

  • Pixel Requirement: Greater than or equal to 50% of the pixels in the advertisement were on an in-focus browser tab on the viewable space of the browser page, and
  • Time Requirement: The time the pixel requirement is met was greater than or equal to one continuous second, post ad render.

Additionally, For large format ads, defined as 242,500 pixels or more, a Viewable Impression is counted if 30% of the pixels of the ad are viewable for a minimum of one continuous second.


Note: Viewable impressions feature requires account level activation. If you cannot find  ‘Event’ section in Create/Edit Normal Ad template, contact ZEDO Support.

Trafficking :

Campaigns >> Create Ad >>Normal template

  • Once activated a new section called “Event” will appear in ‘Normal’ Create/Edit Ad template after the file is uploaded.
  • To start tracking, select “Viewable Impressions” check box provided in Event section.

Please note:

Supported Format:

Standard Banners (setup using Normal Create Ad template)

  • Supported upload type:
    • Input HTML
    • Upload JS
    • Image

Please note that viewability feature is not supported for Rich Media Ad formats.

Note: Viewable impressions is not tracked for 3rd party Iframe adtag or Custom html/input JS code that causes ad to go outside the ad container div (eg. custom vertical expandable code).

Supported ZEDO Ad Tag Type:

  • JavaScript tag
  • Master JS tag


  • We can pull a report for viewable impressions from Report Builder.
  • An event called ‘Viewable Impressions’ will be available under ‘Event’ subfield of each Entity (i.e. Advertiser, Campaign, etc.)


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