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This document explains how to traffic the Video Expandable ad format in ZEDO.

How It Works

  • Base Ad Behavior
    • On load, the video starts playing, with only a portion of the full video visible in the ad space.
    • Mouse over starts the sound and expands the ad.
  • Expanded Ad Behavior
    • Mouse off mutes the sound and collapses the ad.
    • Mousing over or clicking the sound button mutes the sound.
    • Clicking the expanded ad makes the ad go full screen.
    • Clicking the full screen icon at bottom right makes the ad go full screen.
  • Full Screen Ad Behavior
    • Clicking the Close button collapses the ad to its original size.
    • Clicking anywhere on the full screen ad collapses the ad to its original size and opens the advertiser landing page in a new tab.
    • Clicking the “Click to Exit Full Screen” text collapses the ad to its original size and opens the advertiser landing page in a new tab.

Implementing the Video Expandable

  1. Create a VAST enabled channel
  2. Traffic the VAST video ad
  3. Create custom ad code
  4. Traffic the custom ad code
  5. Generate/Implement the ad tag

Traffic the VAST video ad

 Create Ad >> VAST Compatible tab 

  1. Select the ad dimension Video Expandables – 1×1
    • Note: This should be ad dimension ID #80 in your account. If you do not see this in the dropdown, check to see if the ad dimension is activated. If you do not see it at all, contact Support.
  2. Upload the video file or insert a wrapper tag
  3. Target the channel(s)
    • Channels must be VAST enabled
  4. Submit the ad

Create the custom ad code

Create Ad >> Normal tab >> Rich Media tab >> Custom Ad Generator

  1. Select the Video Expandable template
  2. If the VAST ad is uploaded in ZEDO, choose ZEDO VAST Wrapper
    1. Enter the Channel ID that the ad will be targeted to
      • Note: If you want to target to multiple channels, consult Support to determine the best setup to meet your reporting needs.
    2. Insert the ID of the Publisher to which the VAST channel is linked
    3. The form will auto-populate with ad dimension Video Expandables 1×1 (ad dimension ID 80)
    4. Select the options required for the video expandable
    5. Generate JS file and save to your computer

A backup ad is optional.

Traffic the custom code and target to channels

Create Ad >> Normal tab

Under Ad placement section, choose the required channel.

Generate/Implement the ad tag

Channels tab >> Ad Tag Generator 

The ad tag must be JavaScript.

If there is already a live ad tag for this channel, this ad will run in rotation with others targeted to serve on the channel.

Creative Specifications

File Format

Main Ad: 3rd party VAST XML wrapper

Formats supported: flv, mp4, .mov, avi, mpg, wmv

Max File Size: 10 MB

Ad Sizes

Base Size Expands To
160×600 1200×600
728×90 728×600
300×250 1200×600


ZEDO will track impressions and clicks, as well as IAB standard events defined for the ad.

Note: IAB VAST standard events are tracked only when the ad expands.

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