ZEDO’s IAB Slider Ad loads on landing and anchors itself at the page bottom. This document explains how the IAB Slider Ad format works.

About IAB Slider

  • Ad loads anchored to the bottom of the page.
  • Mouseover or click triggers the publisher page to slide to the left, revealing the Slider Content on the right.
  • For video files [mp4, flv] as the expanded unit, users can mouseover the ad for sound and click to view the ad full screen.


Flash files must be created per the IAB Style guide: http://www.iab.net/media/file/IAB_Slider_Specs_Final.pdf


  • Slider Bar: The floating banner that appears initially at the bottom of the page.
  • Slider Bar Active Ad Content: The area within the Slider Bar that can be used for branding. (The gutters may not be safe areas for branding because of different window sizes and display resolutions.)
  • Slider Content: The full ad area that is pushed in from the side

Steps to traffic IAB Slider Ad

Campaigns >> Create Ad >> Rich Media Ads >> Custom Rich Media Ads >> Generator Custom Ad>> Select Ad Format >> IAB Slider

  1. Go to Create Ad and click on the Rich Media Ads sub tab.
  2. From the Rich Media Ad Types dropdown list select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  3. From the Select Ad Format dropdown list, select the IAB Slider ad format.
  4. In the Slider Bar section, select One File/Two File and Fill Color.
    One File: If you select this option, then the uploaded file has to be jpg, png or swf.
    Two File: This option is recommended when Expand/Close button are on the Slider Bar.
    (Note: Upload only swf files to Anchored Slider Bar and Expanded Slider Bar)

Anchored Unit
In the Anchored Unit, upload the desired file and select Ad Dimension from the drop down list (IAB 950×90 or Custom)
Note: If you select this dimension, the Expanded Slider will automatically have a dimension of 950×460
Paste the Clickthrough URL and add an Alternative Image.

Expanded Slider
In the Expanded Slider section, select the Creative Type as upload File or VAST Wrapper.
Select Ad Dimension from the drop down list (IAB 950×550 or Custom)
If you have defined a custom dimension for the Anchored Unit, you can select between IAB 950×90 and another custom dimension here.
Note: The anchored unit is also displayed in the expanded view with a close back button so the total height will be 460 + 90= 550 [See style guide for more info]

  1. Paste the Clickthrough URL and add an Alternative Image.
  2. Select the Properties parameters of your choice – Auto Expand on Page Load (default is 1, you can increase it to 3), Expand on Mouseover/Click, Background color..
  3. Finally, click on the Create File & Upload.

Generate the Ad Tag

This ad requires a JS tag.

Implementing the Ad Tag

The standard JS tag can be directly hosted on the website (recommended) or trafficked to 3rd Party Ad Server.


Impressions, Clicks and Actions will be available in standard Performance Reports and Report Builder.


Contact Support with Questions or Comments

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