The Center Top Slider is trafficked differently than other Sliders.

You must use the Custom Ad/Code Generator to create a JavaScript file, which will automatically be trafficked, along with supporting files, into the Create Ad template.

Campaigns tab >> Create Ad >> Rich Media tab >> ad type Custom Rich Media Ads

Note: Flash files must be created according to the IAB Style guide:

Creating Custom Ad Code

Select which type of file you are using to create the ad:

  • Flash file/Image file
    • File names cannot contain blank spaces
  • 3rd Party Ad Tag
    • Iframe tags only
    • Select the ad server the code is from

Ad Dimension: Enter the width and height of the ad.

Close Bar Color: Click the field to access the color picker, or type the color code into the text field.

Slider Position: Use the text fields to set the starting position of the slider.

  • In the first text field, enter Top or Bottom
  • In the second text field, enter Left or Right

Auto Close Time (optional): Default auto-close time is 8 seconds.

Clickthrough URL: Type the clickthrough URL.



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