Mobile Display Ad Serving in ZEDO has 3 important facets:

  1. Uploading Ad
  2. Channel mapping and generating IDs
  3. Implementing IDs in app

You need to first create channels and ad dimensions for your mobile application.

Creating Channels for Applications

You can create the channels from the Create Channel tab. Follow the below architecture for creating the channels as it will help you to monetize both platforms separately. You can create the channels as follows.

  • Create a Parent channel as per the App Name per platform
  • Create Child channels for each ad slot

For example:

App_Android--Parent channel
-Banner_Android--Child channel
-Full Page_Android--Child channel
-In-App_Android--Child channel
-Custom_Android--Child channel
App_iOS--Parent channel
-Banner_Android--Child channel
-Full Page_Android--Child channel
-In-App_Android--Child channel
-Custom_Android--Child channel

Creating Ad dimensions

Go to the Ad dimensions sub tab under Channels tab to select ad dimension. Create the ad dimensions for mobile applications as per your requirement. Below is the dimension table:

Ad Unit  Orientation Dimension Aspect Ratio
Banner Phone / Tablet Portrait 300×50/ 468×60 6:1 / 8:1
Banner Phone / Tablet Landscape 728×90 8:1
In App Intromercial Phone Both 300×250 6:5
In App intromercial Tablet Both 640×480 4:3
Full Page Phone / Tablet Portrait 768X1024/ 640×1096 3:4 / 9: 16
Full Page Phone / Tablet Landscape 1024×768 / 1096×640 4:3 / 16: 9
Custom Banner Both Depends on Pub

(Note: Highlighted ad dimensions are widely used and monetized by other networks)

Uploading Ads in ZEDO

In Mobile Advertising there are two types of ads:

  • Image ads
  • HTML ads

Steps to upload Image Ads

  1. On the Create Ad page, select the required ad dimension from the dropdown.
  2. Provide appropriate Ad Name.
  3. In the Primary Ad section select upload file and upload the banner.
  4. Give the required clickthrough URL.
  5. In the Targeting section target the ad to the required channel.
  6. Select the desired targeting parameters and Submit the ad.
  7. Image types supported here are .jpeg, .jpg, .png and .gifs.
  8. PNGs are recommended ones as they are light in size.

Steps to upload HTML Ads

  1. These ads can be from other networks, HTML codes and MRAID banner.
  2. MRAID banners are created in Designer studios like Celtra, GoldSpot, Crisp etc.
  3. On the Create Ad page in the Primary Ad section select Ad Tag/HTML.
  4. Insert the HTML code do the necessary targeting and Submit the ad.

Channel Mapping and generating Mobile Ids

Since we created the parent channels for the application platform wise under which

  • Child channel are created for each ad slot
  • Every child channel then can have multiple dimensions for supporting tablet and mobile devices under each platform
  • Ads created in the above step should then be trafficked to these channels

Steps to Generate Mobile IDs

  1. To generate Mobile IDs go the Ad Tag Generator tab under the channels tab.
  2. Select the appropriate channel and the dimension.
  3. Under Tag Type check Mobile Banner ID.
  4. These IDs are to be forwarded to the development team to be added as aliases.
  5. Each of the alias represents an ad slot.

Implementing IDs

  • Developer here needs to implement IDs as per the instructions in implementation doc of the SDK.
  • Each slot in the backend is either a HTML or an Image ad, but it’s the SDK functions, which make the ad to be seen in different formats as in ZEDO Play APP.
  • Description of each ad format is present in the Implementation Doc whereas the visual description is showed in ZEDO Play App.

Example why to create channels as per our recommendation:

There is an App for Android and iOS platform wanting to implement a single dimension banner ad [300×50] across phone and tablet but monetize both platforms separately. In addition to this they want a full screen slot and a custom banner – 160×300 only for Android Tablets

Channel Structure would be like:





As both platforms are to be monetized separately, two different banner ads of dimension: 300×50 will be uploaded into system where channel targeted will be banner in the respective platform ads. Similar setup would be for Full Screen slot too.

For Custom Banners, you can use the existing dimension or a new and non-standard dimension can be created and ad will be uploaded. Channel targeted here would be only Custom from Android.

Aliases / Ids generated will be:

1. Android Banner – Implemented in both Phone and Tablet
2. Android Full Screen – Implemented in both Phone and Tablet
3. Android Custom – Implemented in Tablet only
4. iOS Banner – Both in iPhones and iPads
5. iOS Full Screen – Both in iPhones and iPads

Note: Irrespective of whether ads are present or not, all aliases / Ids can be finalized during app design and implemented before app is put on stores. As and when ads are uploaded on server, they will be served on App. This way complete control lies with the Ad Server as to which and when ad is to be shown.

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