ZEDO’s IAB Filmstrip ad format empowers you to showcase your creative story‐telling capabilities within a single ad creative. Simple engagement features like scroll, click, hover, and touch – allow the user to explore all five segments of the ad unit.

This document explains how exactly the IAB Filmstrip ad format works. For a demo of the ad format click on the link: http://www.zedo.com/demos/richmedia/HtmlDemos/filmstrip_demo.html

How It Works

To traffic the IAB Filmstrip ad format you will have to:

  1. Create a JavaScript file using the Custom Ad Generator
  2. Traffic the ad using the JS file

Steps to traffic Filmstrip Ad

Campaigns >> Create Ad >> Rich Media Ads >> Custom Rich Media Ads >> Generator Custom Ad>> Select Ad Format >> Filmstrip

  1. Go to Create Ad and click on the Rich Media Ads sub-tab.
  2. From the Rich Media Ad Types drop-down list, select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  3. From the Select Ad Format drop-down list, select the Filmstrip ad format.
  4. In the Filmstrip section, give the details of the Main Ad Unit.
  5. The Ad Dimension recommended by default is 300×600.
  6. From the Upload Creative drop-down list, select either Flash or Image to upload your creative.
    Note: Maximum five files can be uploaded by clicking on the + sign.
  7. You can add Alternate Image file by upload the Image file or paste the Image URL.
  8. Paste the Clickthrough URL in the box.
  9. The Filmstrip Title section by default shows values as Next View or Previous View.
  10. You can change these values. The labels will appear while the user moves through the ads in the Filmstrip.
  11. Finally, click on the Create File & Upload button to generate and upload the JS file.
    Note: The JS file will upload automatically with the Main ad file.

Generate the Ad Tag

This ad requires a JavaScript tag.

Implementing the Ad Tag

The standard JavaScript tag can be directly hosted on the website (recommended) or trafficked to 3rd Party Ad Server.


Impressions, Clicks and Actions will be available in standard Performance Reports and Report Builder.


Contact Support with Questions or Comments.

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