ZEDO’s In-Banner Video Ad format is a regular user-defined sized Ad unit, but a stunning video. On landing, the video starts playing automatically. Users like this ad as it allows them to watch it in full-screen mode and even control the sound ON/OFF.


Ad Dimension: Any IAB size or custom size.
Type: Only .flv and .mp4 video supported
Aspect Ratio Proportion: 4:3
Max File Size: Video size should be less than 10 MB

Trafficking an In-Banner Video Ad

To traffic an In-Banner Video Ad, you first need to create a VAST Compatible Ad. If you want to serve the Video ad with Javascript or Iframe tag, simply target VAST + Normal channel to the VAST Ad.


1. To serve In-Banner ad using VAST+Normal Channel, you can make use of any Ad Dimensions like 300×250 or 728×90.
2. In VAST ad, when you target VAST+Normal Channel, it allows you to serve VAST ad with normal Javascript or Iframe tag.
3. To create VAST+Normal Channel, go channel Tab >> View channel >>click on channel name >> select VAST & Normal Ads box.
4. Please add following variable zflag_autoPlayViewPercent=”0 ” for JS while apv=0 for Iframe in ZEDO ad tag for VAST + Normal channel to autoplay inbanner.
5. Only while creating an In-Banner Ad using Custom Rich Media Ads option please make sure to use Ad Dimension Id: 80.

Steps to create VAST Compatible Ad:

Campaigns >> Create Ad >> VAST Compatible

  1. In the main Campaigns tab and click on the Create Ad sub tab.
  2. Go to the Ad Details section and click on VAST Compatible sub tab.
  3. Give an Ad Name and in the Ad Dimension field select Dimension Id: 80 to create the VAST Ad.
  4. Select the File Location as ZEDO Hosted.
  5. Now Transcode the Video by clicking on the ‘Yes‘ option and upload the video file.
  6. You can Track Events for the ad by selecting them from the list and clicking on the Add button.
  7. Go to the Targeting section, select appropriate VAST + Normal channel for targeting.
  8. Click on the Submit button.

Steps to traffic In-Banner Video Ad via Rich Media Ad template (Archive method):

Campaigns >> Create AD >> Rich Media Ads >> Custom Rich Media Ads >> Generate Custom Ad >> In-Banner Video

  1. Go to the Create Ad tab and in the Ad Details section click on the Rich Media Ads sub tab.
  2. From the Rich Media Ad Types, drop-down list select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  3. Select the Ad Dimension as (Medium rectangle 300×250) from the dropdown list and give an Ad Name.
  4. In the Primary Ad section click on the Generate Custom Ad tab. (It opens in a new window)
  5. From the Select Ad Format dropdown list, select the In Banner Video ad format.
  6. Go to ZEDO VAST Wrapper and give details of Channel ID, Publisher ID and Ad Dimensions: WxH.
    (Note: Channel ID and Pub ID should be the one you selected while created the VAST Ad)
  7. Select desired Properties parameters for the ad (Sound mute/unmute, Full-Screen Mode and Video Replay). Back-up Ad
  8. For the Back-up Ad, select between Non-video Ad Tag and VAST Wrapper.
  9. If you select Non-video Ad Tag then add the IFrame tag in the empty box.
  10. If you select VAST Wrapper then mention the Channel Id and Publisher Id.
    (Note: Channel ID and Pub ID should be the one you selected while created the VAST Ad)
  11. Finally, click on the Create File & Upload button.

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