This document outlines the functionality of the Master JS Tag. If you are a publisher using ZEDO for ad serving, please contact Support for the Publisher Guide to access ZEDO’s Master JS Tag.

How it works

The Master JS Tag allows you to generate and add a single JS Ad Tag to multiple ad calls. You can create up to 20 placements of Channels and Ad Dimensions. The Master JS Tag feature is available under the Ad Tag Generator tab.

Generate Master JS Tag

  1. Go to the Ad Tag Generator tab and click on the Master JS Tag button.
  2. From the Ad Slot drop-down list select the desired Channel and Ad Dimension.
    (Note: You can create up to 20 Channel and Ad Dimension combinations)
  3. The Publisher’s name automatically displays once you furnish details in the Ad Slot.
  4. You can click on the More Options button for
    • Research Vendor Tag
    • Demographic Targeting
    • Enable Keyword Targeting
  5. The Master JS Tag gets generated in the box.
  6. Now, simply click on the Email Tags button to send the tags to your publishers.
    Note: While implementing Master tag on your pages ensure you implement the same number of tags in the head and body section.
    If you have generated Master Tag for 5 slots then you need to place 5 Ad Tags in the head and body section.
    If you generate Master Tag for 5 slots and place only 1 or 2 corresponding tags in the body section, then you might face discrepancy in the numbers between two Ad Servers, if the ads are created ads using 3rd Party ad code.

Sending Tags

  • Always send tags through the ZEDO interface, or as a .txt file attachment in an email.
  • It is not a good practice to copy tags from the body of an email.


  • Two or more sets of Master JS Tags are not supported on the same webpage.

Example of Master JS Tag

 Account: test20 (ID: 525)
 Channel: MasterTest (ID: 7)
 Super Banner 728x90 (ID: 14)
 Wide Skyscraper 160x600 (ID: 7)
 ZEDO Homepage Ads (ID: 26)

 Publisher: ZEDO (ID:1)
 var zmt_mtag = zmt_get_tag (account_id, mastertag_id);
 zmt_get_placement : function (script_id, mastertag_id, sequence_on_page, channel, dimension, publisher)
 p12345_1 = zmt_mtag.zmt_get_placement(); (p12345_1 is tag_id)
 zmt_mtag.zmt_render_placement (tag_id)

<!-- Ad Tag definition section - advised to add this snippet in <head> tag -->

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
 <script type="text/javascript">
 var zmt_mtag = zmt_get_tag(525, "12345");
 zmt_mtag.zmt_set_charset("UTF-8"); // Optional setting charset
 p12345_1 = zmt_mtag.zmt_get_placement("zt_12345_1", "12345", "1", "7", "14", "1"); //explained above
 p12345_2 = zmt_mtag.zmt_get_placement("zt_12345_2", "12345", "2", "7", "7", "1");
 p12345_3 = zmt_mtag.zmt_get_placement("zt_12345_3", "12345", "3", "7", "26", "1");

// --- Optional params start | these are listed as separate block for understanding purpose, it can be added inline after variable is added
 p12345_1.zmt_add_keyword("apple"); // Keyword
 p12345_2.zmt_add_SliCloseText("close"); // Slider close Text
 p12345_2.zmt_add_sli_smooth("1"); // smooth slider
 p12345_2.zmt_add_sli_speed("10"); // Slider speed
 p12345_3.zmt_add_d2("1"); // Custom Demographics d2
 p12345_3.zmt_add_d3("10"); // Custom Demographics d3
 p12345_3.zmt_add_custom("abcd"); // Custom parameter (p=)
 p12345_3.zmt_add_multiple_custom("abcd,pqrs,wxyz"); // multiple custom parameter (mp=)
 // --- Optional params End
 <!-- code to be added in head section ends here -->


<!-- code to be added at the ad slot: -->
 <script id="zt_12345_1" language="javascript">
 <script id="zt_12345_2" language="javascript">
 <script id="zt_12345_3" language="javascript">
0 3