From 29th January 2019, creating advertisers will be allowed from a new and improved UI. This UI introduces “Advertiser Types” and better User Experience.


5 types of advertisers can be created based on the type of integration:

  1. Ad Network Advertisers created to represent for Tag partners
  2. Direct: Guaranteed buyers with direct ad uploads or 3rd party ad code
  3. Header Bidder: Advertisers buying using Header Bidder integration
  4. RTB: An advertiser connected as a DSP
  5. Others: Any advertiser that does not fit in one of the above types can be created as “Others”


Steps to Create an Advertiser

  1. Select the type of Advertiser. Please note that Advertiser type will not be editable once the Advertiser is created.
  2. Change currency if needed. Default is $
  3. Add Action Tracking. Action Tracking is available for ‘Direct’, ‘Ad Network’ and ‘Others’. As for advertisers of type ‘RTB’ & ‘Header Bidding’, an action has been added by default, which is required for revenue tracking.
  4. Optionally, you can assign tags for the advertiser.
  5. Lastly, fill out the Contact Details


A Few Things to Note

  1. Edit advertiser is not yet available in the new UI. You can edit the advertiser from the old UI.
  2. Scraping/3rd Party Data collection option for ‘Ad Network’ type is not available as of now.
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