Cost per Day [CPD] is a revenue model in which the Advertiser is interested in buying a quantity (no of days to be run) at a fixed per day price.

Feature Overview

CPD is a new revenue type applied at campaign level. Users will be able to define days to be targeted and set a minimum impression threshold at campaign level.

A Day will be considered valid only if the total impressions of all ads inside the campaign is greater than the minimum impression threshold define for the campaign.

1. Revenue distribution by Impressions delivered

  • In this option we will distribute the revenue in a percentage of impressions served. (e.g. An ad with higher impressions will get more revenue than the one with fewer impressions).
  • We will distribute Revenue by ad first and then by channel.

2. Equal revenue distribution

  • In this option we will distribute revenue equally for the ads first and then channels targeted to the ad.

Steps to Create a CPD Campaign

  1. Go to the main Campaigns tab and click on View Campaigns.
  2. Select the Advertiser from the dropdown list and click on the Create Campaign button.
  3. A new Create Campaign page appears with Advertiser details and ID.
  4. Enter all the Campaign details like Campaign Name, Campaign Type, Start Date/End Date, Inventory Type and Delivery Type etc.
  5. Select the Revenue type as CPD from the dropdown options.
  6. Select the Revenue Distribution from the dropdown – By Impressions Delivered / By Equal Distribution and the Rate.
  7. If you want to set multiple date ranges, then click on the select box.
  8. Enter the Rank (Level and Weight) and Custom Reporting option if desired.
  9. You can even enter Notes for the campaign.
    Advanced Delivery Options
  10. In Advanced Delivery Options section, define the Impression Allocation By Ad (Recommended) or by Channel per day.
  11. Also define the Limit Type from the dropdown (Impressions, Clicks, Actions, Actions per day, Imps per day, Clicks per day).
  12. If you want to Apply Frequency Cap, then click on the select box and mention no of days.
  13. Define the Impressions Limit at Ad Level/ Campaign Level and Minimum Impressions threshold.
  14. Define other fields of the create campaign form and click on the Submit button.

Additional Information

  • Maximum flight dates of the campaign can be 13 months.
  • Campaign Revenue Type cannot be changed once the campaign is submitted.
    Note: You cannot change an existing non CPD campaign into CPD.
  • Action Tracking is available but the action rate will not be used to calculate revenue.
  • If user makes any changes in the ad threshold or days targeted: the changes will be applied retroactively.

Changes in Campaign Manager Page


  • In this page we will display all the campaign properties on the campaign details page.
  • In the ads dashboard we will add a new column to “Revenue Distribution” to show the revenue distribution across the ads and channels.
  • Revenue for the ad will be displayed in the ad total row.

Rank Ads/Campaigns

  • All CPD ads will share the same bucket as that of CPA ads.
  • We will display the revenue type and its level and weight in rank ads and rank campaigns.
  • If the ad has achieved its days delivered limit: the ad will be stopped by backend system but will still be active and will be displayed in greyed out font colour in Rank ads.

Performance Report

  • A new report “CPD Campaign Summary”
  • Time periods: Summary.
  • Only CPD Advertisers and Campaigns available for selection.
  • New performance metrics added: Days Delivered, days targeted min threshold and Revenue.

Current Limitations for CPD Campaigns

  • Revenue is not displayed in Profit Report, Action Tracking Report, Adhoc Reports or Profit per Publisher Dashboard
  • Revenue Share payouts are not supported
  • If you have default payouts for publishers running CPD, you must create an advanced payout of $0.00 value for the CPD campaign to exclude CPD data in payout for that publishers. If this is not done, Publishers may see an inaccurate and inflated Revenue amount.
  • Start date cannot be change once the campaign starts delivering impression​.


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