Pacing gives you information on how well-paced your advertising account is. It’s basically the pace of your advertising campaign. The deviation graph allows you to see how your ads are pacing, based on daily allocation. It is only available for Impression Limited, Even Delivery Campaigns.

Steps to generate Pacing Report

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on Pacing sub tab.
  2. The Pacing Report section will appear on your screen.
  3. Furnish appropriate information in the Advertiser Details parameters (Advertiser Type, Advertiser, Campaign, Campaign etc…)
  4. In the Advertiser Type dropdown list select between All, Direct and the Adnetwork options.
  5. Select the Deviation filters from the dropdown list. (It enable you to see whether there is under delivery / over delivery)
    • 15% under delivery
    • 30% under delivery
    • 15% over delivery
    • 30% over delivery
  6. Select Revenue Type as All or Specific Revenue Type.
  7. If you select Specific Revenue Type then select the revenue type from the dropdown list (Exclusive, CPM, CPC, CPA, Barter, House, House Redirect)
  8. Depending on you campaigns status, select whether the Campaigns active till date or Campaigns ended in the last 30 days.


  1. Select the Ad Dimension as All or Specific.
  2. If you opt for Specific then choose the desired ad dimension from the dropdown list.
  3. Select the Inventory Type as Premium or Excess (Remnant).
  4. Select the checkboxes if you want to: Hide Unlimited Ads, Hide Speedy Ads, Show only Approved Ads, Hide Infinite Campaigns.
  5. Finally, click on the Submit button.

Additional Info

Revenue Delivered: It is basically the number of Imps served divided by 1000 if it is CPM. If it is for clicks and actions then it is directly no of clicks/actions multiplied by rate.

Revenue Delivered = No of Imps x multiplied by CPM rate


Planned Progress: It is the number of Impressions/Clicks/Actions that are allocated for an ad campaign with respect to the campaign length or ad flight date.

Planned Progress = No of Impressions/Clicks/Actions allocated x Days Passed

Campaign Length

Actual Progress: It is the actual number of Imps delivered by an ad campaign.

Actual Progress = Impressions delivered x 100

Impressions allocated


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