ZEDO’s Passback feature can be used with VAST Compatible ad formats. There are times when Advertisers do not want impressions from every user, so they just return an empty response. But you can use ZEDO’s Passback Tag feature to monetize impressions that are not filled by your Advertiser.

How to use Passback for VAST

  1. Enable Passbacks for your VAST Ads from the ZEDO interface.
  2. Configure your video player to call Passback Tag for the respective Ad Id.
  3. To form the Passback Tag, use the current VAST Tag and add “&$=<ADID>” at the end.

Sample VAST Passback Tag



When a Passback is called, impressions will be counted only when an Ad is returned in the response. However, the Ad Request will be counted against the Channel and the next Ad that is returned by the Ad Server and not against the Ad that passed back.


Only works with VAST Tags.


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