This document explains using the %ZZCUSTOM% and %p macros to pass a custom string through an ad tag dynamically at runtime. %p is the single line equivalent of %ZZCUSTOM%.

The custom string is passed to the ad through the variable p as shown below:;c=9544;s=67;d=15;w=1;h=1;p= http://[rad-hl][/rad-hl]

For example, if the user wants to pass the clickthrough dynamically at runtime instead of hardcoding in the ad, then he passes the clickthrough ( through the placeholder (p) in the ad tag. Whatever gets passed through p will get replaced at each and every occurrence of %ZZCUSTOM% in case of HTML uploads OR %p in case of IFrame uploads.

Note: any ads that will be called through this ad tag must include the macro.

Sample code:
<TITLE>Advertisement Ad powered by Zedo</TITLE>
<a href=”%ZZCUSTOM%” target=_blank><IMG SRC=”%ZZBASE%Jackpot_728x90.gif” WIDTH=728 HEIGHT=90 border=”0″></a>
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