ZEDO’s comprehensive reporting suite allows you to pull reports about every facet of your ad serving. The Schedule Report delivery time differs respectively for Performance Scheduled Report and Report builder Scheduled Report.


All ZEDO’s reports can be found in the Reports tab. The report types are accessible through the links within the tab.

Performance Reports

The different Performance Reports can be run on a number of parameters (Advertiser, Creative, etc.) and can be viewed along various performance metrics, including Impressions Served, Clicks, and Click-through Rate and Conversion.

Except as noted you can run both Quick and Advanced versions of all reports.

Most reports can be run using all of the Advertiser Details, Placement and Targeting parameters seen below.

Types of Performance report include:

  • Account Summary, Activity Cookie Creation, Ad Dimension, Advertiser, Campaign, Channel, City, Country, Creative, DMA, Mobile Phone (SMS), Publisher and State.
  • The report can be pulled in summary/hourly/daily/Monthly/quarterly and yearly basis.
  • You can make any report more detailed by selecting from available parameters.
  • To fetch different type of Reports, go to ZEDO interface >> Reports Tab >> Performance >> Quick Performance Report >> Report Type >> select type of report required from the drop down menu.

Some performance reports can be run with limited constraints:

  • Account Summary (Quick report only)
    • Can filter only by Revenue type (CPM, etc.) and Inventory type (Premium or Excess).
    • Activity Cookie Creation
      • Quick: Gives you the number of cookies created for all activities over a designated time period.
      • Advanced: Allows you to run the report for specific activities. Can be run for a particular Country.
      • Mobile Phone (Quick report only)
        • A cursory report sent to your mobile phone. You can filter by Impressions/Clicks/CTR and Advertiser/ Publisher Channel. You can set how often the report is sent and how many days’ data it includes.

Other Reports

Inventory Forecast Report

Forecast Reports are based on the previous seven days’ inventory. Along with Forecast Impressions, the report also shows the number of Sold Impressions and Unsold Impressions in your inventory for the specified time period. You can view the inventory forecasts for different percentage growths in traffic, and for different periods.

Inventory Report

Inventory Reports show impressions served and give you a better understanding of your network’s inventory. Like other reports, an Inventory Report can be displayed in a variety of ways.

While Ad Dimension Inventory Report gives you the inventory of Ads served between the dates you select, Channel Inventory shows inventory for the selected Channel. Similarly, City, State, and Country reports show you the inventory served across these parameters. The Placement Report shows the total number of impressions served for the various placements.

Note: Inventory reports show data for the SYSTEM (default) advertiser even if your account is set up to disregard unsold inventory.

Profit Report

Profit Reports display the profit earned by each Publisher for each Advertiser, Campaign, Channel and Ad Dimension combination. Each unique combination shows its own profit and loss record.

Pacing Report

Pacing Reports compare planned performance against actual performance for each ad. This report enables you to quickly analyze campaign productivity based on ad performances.

Scheduled Reports

You can schedule most ZEDO reports to be emailed to you (or others) automatically.  You can schedule the report generation process either on a daily, weekly or monthly basis for all specified parameters. You can see a list of all these reports on the Scheduled Reports page.

Scheduled Report set through Performance Report for every network runs after the day reset of a network time zone. The Scheduled Report is sent after approximately 5 hours of the network time zone irrespective of the time when you have scheduled the report.

(For example: If a user schedules the Report at 11:00 AM IST then it will get fired at around 5:00 to 5.30 AM IST).

Action Tracking

Post Click Action Tracking Report shows how many actions were completed for whatever set of parameters you specify.

There are two ways to track post-click actions in ZEDO:  Smart Pixel Tracking and Non Java Script Tracking.

  • Smart Pixel Tracking uses Java Script, Post Click Tracking Tags and cookies in the advertiser domain to Track Post Click Actions.
  • Non-JavaScript Tracking uses HTML Script, Confirmation Page Tag & cookies in the ZEDO Domain to track Post Click Actions

Custom Report Builder

ZEDO’s Report Builder feature lets you build specific reports that are not otherwise available in the ZEDO system.  There are many more detailed parameters in the Report Builder that you can use to build reports to your exact specifications.

To create a new report template, drag and drop the desired parameters from the list to the Table Structure area. You can further refine the report results by placing elements in the Report Constraints section at the bottom of the page.

Contact ZEDO Technical Support team at support@zedo.com with Queries and Suggestions

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