Profit Reports display the profit earned by each Publisher for each Advertiser, Campaign, Channel and Ad Dimension combination. Each unique combination shows its own profit and loss record.

Types: Publisher  Profit Report
Duration:  You can pull a report for 60 days at a stretch. However, we store data for last 13 months.

Steps to Generate a Profit Report

Report >> Profit

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on the Profit sub tab.
  2. The Quick Profit Report section appears.
  3. Select the Report Type as Publisher Report from the dropdown list.
  4. You can view the report as a summary or on a daily basis.
  5. Select the Date Range (from DD/MM/YY to DD/MM/YY).
  6. Enter info like Advertiser Details, Placement and Targeting etc.
  7. Finally click on the Submit button.


  • We calculate the revenue based on true impressions and not total impressions for Publisher Profit Report.


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