Publisher Payouts allow ZEDO to automatically determine what percent of your revenue goes to your Publishers.

About Publisher Payouts in ZEDO

There are two types of Payouts available: Default and Advanced. You can set up a Default Payout for one ad dimension across all your publishers, or you can create more specific payouts using Advanced Payouts.

Type of Payout Good for inventory sold by Benefits
Default Ad dimension only Simple
Advanced Advertiser, campaign, dimension, publisher, geo, etc. Flexible

To access Publisher Payouts, click the Publisher Payouts link under the Publisher tab. The top of the page shows you Default Payouts. The Advanced Payouts dashboard appears farther down.

Setting Payouts

Default Payouts

With Default payouts, you set one payout rate per ad dimension, which will apply to all publishers in your account.

The automatic view of the Default Publisher Payout dashboard is Current Payout (payouts that are actively being calculated by the system. The All Payout radio button lets you view the payouts set up for all dimensions, whether they are being generated or not.

Setting up a Default Payout

To set up a Default Payout, enter the value that you’ll be paying your publishers for a dimension: this rate can be CPM, CPC, Rev Share or a combination of any two.

For example, you could enter a payout for $1.00 CPM + $0.10 CPC, or 60% Rev Share for actions.

If Rev Share is defined for a PostClick campaign, you can set a time limit for how long you want to pay the Publisher for actions (from 0-90 days).

Advanced Payouts

The Advanced Payout dashboard is at the bottom of the page. Advanced Payouts are used for creating more specific payouts.

Setting up an Advanced Payout

To create an Advanced Payout click the Create Advanced Payout button. In the Create Advanced Payout page, you can create a payout based on any combination of the following:

  • Publisher
  • Channel
  • Dimension
  • Advertiser
  • Campaign

Under Payout Rate you can set the:

  • Date range
    • To set an ‘infinite’ range, click the checkbox next to the infinity symbol.
    • To create multiple payouts for the same Pub/Channel/Ad Dim/Adv/ Camp configuration, click the Another Date Range button
      • Multiple date ranges cannot overlap
  • Payout by Geo – Country only (optional)
    • When you choose to pay by geo you will be asked to set a payout rate for each specified country and one for the rest of the world
  • Basis for payout
    • CPM/ CPC/ RevShare/ Pay for Action

To edit an Advanced Payout, in the Advanced Publisher Payout dashboard click on the Publisher name of the Payout you wish to edit.

Note that Advance Payouts supersede Default Payouts. During payout generation, if there is no Advanced Payout for a particular publisher-dimension combination, then the Default payout value will be used.

When Advanced Payouts are generated, if there are multiple payout settings, the below is the order of preference for which payout is selected:

  • Publisher [Highest Preference]
  • Channel
  • Dimension
  • Advertiser
  • Campaign [Lowest Preference]

Viewing your Payouts

You can see the payouts that are currently being generated on the Profit per Publisher page in the Publisher

Tab.) This dashboard shows you the performance of each publisher, the total revenue generated, the payout to each publisher and the amount of profit (total revenue – payout). (You can download the information in this dashboard as a CSV file.)

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