This document explains how you can create the Pull IAB Mobile Rising Star ad in ZEDO. The ad unit works seamlessly across mobile and tablet devices.

Steps to create Pull Ad

Campaigns > Create Ad > Rich Media Ads > Custom Rich Media Ads > Generate Custom Ad > Pull

  1. Go to the Campaigns tab and click on the Create Ad sub tab.
  2. Select the Advertiser and Campaign.
  3. Under the Ad Details section, select the Rich Media Ads option.
  4. From the Rich Media Ad Types dropdown select Custom Rich Media Ads.
  5. Select the Ad Dimension as 1 x 1.
  6. Give a suitable Ad Name to the creative.
  7. In the Primary Ad section, click on the Generate Custom Ad tab.
  8. The Ad Format section opens in a new window.
  9. Select Ad Format as Pull from the dropdown.
    (Note: It is available under IAB Mobile Rising Stars)
  10. You will see the Base Unit and Full Page Unit of the ad.
  11. If you select the Base Unit checkbox, you can upload the creative as Image or Flash.
  12. Select the Ad Dimension for the Base Unit as IAB 320×50 or Custom.
  13. Enter desired Properties like Base Position (Top/Bottom), Expand on (Pull/Click).
  14. In the expanded Full Page Unit section, you can upload the creative as Image, Flash or Video.
  15. By default the expanded Ad Dimension is selected as IAB 320×480.
  16. Enter desired Properties like Close Button Size (Small/Medium/Large), Preview, Color etc.
  17. Paste the Clickthrough URL in the box and click on the Create File & Upload button.


Contact ZEDO Technical Support team at with Queries and Suggestions.

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