The IAB Pushdown format is so similar to ZEDO’s existing Vertical Page Pusher format, we have incorporated them into one custom code generator template. If you have any questions about this updated template, please contact Support.

The new Pushdown template includes all the parameters you need to traffic a Pushdown per IAB specs, along with additional functionality.


  • Teaser/Base: The banner ad on the page, seen before the Pushdown Ad
  • Pushdown: The unit that expands, pushes down the page content
  • Alternate Image: An optional image ad that you can upload for Flash or Video Ads

How It Works

The Pushdown is an ad unit that displays a teaser/base ad until the user hovers over or clicks to expand. The full unit then slides into view, pushing the page down.


Flash files for IAB Pushdown ads must be created per the IAB Style guide:


  1. Generate custom ad code
  2. Traffic ad code
  3. Generate ad tag
  4. Place ad tag on publisher page or run in 3rd party ad server

Generate custom ad code

Create Ad >> Rich Media tab >> Rich Media Ad Types >> Custom Rich Media Ads >> Generate Custom Ad >> Ad Format Template >> select Pushdown (Page Pusher – Vertical)

You can generate custom code using one file or two files.

Generate code using two files

  • Base Ad (Teaser)
    • Ad Dimension
      • 970×90 (IAB Recommended)
        • Pushdown Ad Dimension will be locked to 970×415 (IAB Recommended)
    • Custom
  • Upload Creative:  Flash, Image and HTML5.
  • If HTML5 is selected here then HTML5 would be automatically selected under Pushdown Ad.
  • Alternate Image (optional): Image file or URL
  • Pushdown Ad
    • Ad Dimension
      • Will be selected by the system based on Base Ad Dimension
        • 970×415 (IAB Recommended)
        • Custom
          • Only height will be editable
  • Upload Creative 
    • Flash (File or URL)
    • Image (File or URL)
    • HTML5
    • Video

If it’s a flash or HTML5 file then the corresponding functions need to be implemented:

    • Use two files:
    • To expand the ad from the base file to the larger dimension file –
      • Html5 file function: zedo_emsg_expand();
      • Flash file function: zzPusherExpand();
    • To collapse the ad from the larger dimension file to the base file –
      • Html5 file function: zedo_cmsg_collapse();
      • Flash file function: zzPusherCollapse();
    • Use one file:
    • For expanding and collapsing the ad –
      • HTML5 file function: zedo_emsg_expand();
      • HTML5 file function: zedo_cmsg_collapse();
      • Flash file Function: zzPusherExpandCollapse()
  • Alternate Image (optional): Image file or URL
    • Only available for Flash or Video creative
    • Properties
      • Auto expand on page load
        • When IAB recommended dimension is selected, this is checked by default, and automatically set to 1, but the option can be deselected entirely.
        • Custom dimension ads can be auto-expanded up to 10 times per day.
  • Auto close
    • If IAB Recommended ad dimension is selected, will be set by default and locked to 7 seconds.
    • If IAB Recommended ad dimension is selected, and Auto Close is deselected, the auto close time will show 7 seconds and will be editable.
    • If Custom is selected, you can enter a value from 1 to 180.
  • Auto insert buttons and functions
    • Select expand on Mouseover or Click
    • Set look and placement of text or button

Generate code using one file

  • Upload Creative: Flash or HTML5
    • Ad Dimension
      • Manually enter the dimensions of the Base and Pushdown ads
      • Alternate Image (optional): Image file or Image URL
        • Upload alternate image file or URLs for both Base and Pushdown ad
        • Properties
          • Expand base ad on page load
            • You can set the ad to expand from 1-10 times per day.
            • Collapse pushdown ad on page load
            • Precache Files and Clickthrough URL are standard for both one and two file uploads.

Click Create File to save the JS code file to your computer.

Traffic custom ad code

Create Ad >> Normal tab

  • Ad Dimension
    • Any 1×1
    • Custom Dimension (must be exact dimensions of the base file)
    • Upload Custom JS code
    • Target the Ad
    • Submit
    • Generate a JavaScript ad tag
    • If the tag is already live on the publisher page this ad should run in rotation with others targeted to serve on the channel.


Pushdown ad format has a default functionality that when the mouseover event (user interaction) happens over the ad the auto close timer is cleared. Hence, the ad does not auto close even if it had auto-expanded.

Implementing the ad tag

The standard JavaScript tag can be directly hosted on the website (recommended) or trafficked into a 3rd party ad server.


Impressions, clicks and actions will be available in standard Performance reports and Report Builder.



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