The Rank Ads feature lets you manually adjust the serving priority of your ads through a simple interface.

You can also use it to

  • see how many active ads are rotating on an ad tag
  • change the frequency cap of an ad
  • disable an ad
  • add a new ad

Understanding Rank

Rank is a combination of Bucket, Level, and Weight:

Buckets are divided into Levels. You cannot move ads between buckets. Ads in a lower bucket will not serve until all higher bucket ads are exhausted (through impression limit, frequency cap, or other targeting). The buckets are:

  • Exclusive Ads – highest priority
  • Premium Ads
  • Premium House Ads
  • Excess Ads
  • Excess House ads – lowest priority

Levels indicate the priority of ads in a bucket. Ads on the highest level are served first. Ads on lower levels only serve when all higher level ads are exhausted (through impression limit, frequency cap, or other targeting).

Weights indicate the ratio at which ads in a level will serve, relative to each other and to the total of all weights in the Level. Ads with the same weight will serve equally. To determine the ratio, add the weights together and divide by the number of ads.

For example:

If Ad A has a weight of 2 and Ad B has a weight of 1, for every three impressions available, Ad A will serve twice and Ad B will serve once.

If Ad A has a weight of 6, Ad B has a weight of 6, Ad C = 10, and Ad D = 8, then for every 30 impressions available, Ad C will serve ten times, D will serve eight times, and A and B will each serve six times.

To figure out how many times each ad will serve in a hundred available impressions, use this formula. (Given Weight)/(Summed Weight)*100

Using Ad D from the second example: (8/30)*100= 26.7

Calculating Rank

Serving priority is determined automatically when you create a Campaign, from a combination of Revenue Type (Level) and Rate ($) (Weight).

  • Levels assigned to each Revenue Type
Revenue Type Level Speedy Delivery Level Even Delivery Level
CPM 100 110
CPC 80 90
CPA 60 70
Barter 40 50
House 20 30
House Redirect 0 10
  •  Rate ($)
    • The Weight is the revenue dollar amount x 100.
      • $2.00 = weight of 200
      • $15.50 = weight of 1550

The System uses these settings to create a Rank for each Campaign (the default Rank is the same for all ads in a Campaign).

There are two ways to manage serving priority using the Rank Ads tool.

  1. Manually
  2. Automatically (Auto Levelling)




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