Viewing Data in Rank Ads

To view all active ads running through an ad tag, select the Channel and Ad Dimension.

You can filter your results by

  • Country
  • Bucket
  • Keyword
  • Activity (available for accounts using Activity Targeting)
  • Demographics (available for accounts using Profile Targeting)

You can also add or remove columns to create the most effective view of the data.

Changing Level and Weight

To change the level of the ad, click the arrows at the left of the page

The single arrow moves the ad up or down one level
The double arrow moves the ad up or down to the next existing level
Maximum Level: 990
Minimum Level: 0

To adjust weight, type in the field in the Weight column.
Maximum Weight: 9999
Minimum Weight: 1

Note: Changes are only applied after you click the Submit button at the bottom of the Bucket in which you have made the changes.

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