The Real Time Bidding (aka RTB) technology is a programmatic channel via which the inventory is monetized using a real time auction engine. Multiple partners are involved in the real time media buying process such as:

  • Publisher
  • Sell Side Platform (SSP) : SSPs conduct the auction
  • Demand Side Platform (DSP) : Also known as bidders

The ZEDO RTB system is integrated with Bidswitch and PubMatic to monetize its inventory via RTB pipes. Bidswitch is a technology platform, which currently works as a media buyer for ZEDO. PubMatic is also a technology platform for Publishers known as SSP and they too are ZEDO’s media buyer.
ZEDO sends the Impression generated from a Publisher site as bid request and in turn we receive bid response from them. The highest paying player is awarded the Impression.

1. Tag-based Media Buyer

The tag-based media buyers are directly connected to the ZEDO Ad Server system to serve Impressions when tags are called by the Ad server.

2. ZEDO Ad Server

The ZEDO Ad Server is the central system connected to the tag-based media buyers, Publishers and the ZEDO RTB system. Publishers’ inventory is stacked up in the ZEDO Ad Server. Publishers call the Ad Server when there is a user on its site to show an ad. The ZEDO Ad Server makes multiple calls to the media suppliers such as tag-based media buyers and RTB system. The Ad Server is not directly connected with the RTB buyers. The RTB system connects the Ad Server and the DSPs.

3. Publisher

Publisher is integrated with ZEDO Ad Server to monetize its inventory.

4. ZEDO RTB System

The ZEDO RTB system is connected to RTB buyers (aka DSPs) and ZEDO Ad Server. When it receives an Ad request from the Ad Server, it sends out bid requests to all the DSPs that are enabled for that Publisher. It then gets the bid response from them, conducts an auction, decides the winner and sends the winning creative details to the Ad Server which then puts it on the Publisher page.

  1. The RTB system links the Publishers from ZEDO Ad Server to the DSPs.
  2. When it receives an ad request from the Ad Server, it knows from which Publisher it is because of the Publisher ID, Site ID etc. It sends the bid request only to those DSPs which are enabled for that Publisher.
  3. The RTB system may have more than 10 DSPs, but not all are connected to every Publisher.
  4. A Publisher may have 2 or 3 DSPs enabled, so when an Impression is generated from this Publisher, the RTB system will send bid request only to those 2 or 3 DSPs and not all. The winner will be decided from those 2 or 3 DSPs only (based on their bid response/price).

5. DSPs (RTB buyers)

Demand Side Platforms are the RTB buyers, which have the technology to ingest the bid request sent by the RTB system and respond with a bid price in milliseconds. DSPs are integrated with ZEDO RTB system and have no direct integration with the Ad Server.

ZEDO RTB System Layout

For example, let us assume that there are 5 DSPs (DSP 1, DSP 2, DSP 3, DSP 4 and DSP 5) integrated.

  1. When the ZEDO System receives an ad request, it sends the bid request to all the DSPs that are integrated with that Publisher.
  2. The system will not send bid request to a DSP which is not integrated or linked to the Publisher account.
  3. If the Impression is generated from a Publisher running with PMP, then the system will send the PMP deal ID in the bid request to all the DSPs. It is not necessary that all the 5 DSPs will be running PMP deals for this Publisher.
    • For example, DSP 1, 2 and 3 are not running PMP deal, hence they do not return the deal ID in the bid response.
    • It is possible that the DSP has a PMP deal with for this Publisher but does not want to buy the Impressions through PMP but through RTB, and subsequently sends a bid response without a deal ID. Bid responses without deal ID are considered open auction bids.
    • DSP 4 and 5 sends the bid with deal ID. Based on the price and priority of the deal, the Impression is awarded to the respective DSP.

4. Once the system decides the winner, it sends the creative details to the ZEDO Ad Server, which then serves the ad on the Publisher site.

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