ZEDO’s Report Builder (formerly called Ad Hoc reports) allows you to create reports that you can’t get from our other report templates.

Steps to create a report in Report Builder

Reports >> Report Builder

  1. Go to the main Reports tab and click on the Report Builder sub tab.
  2. The Report Builder page appears on the screen with the Reports and Scheduled Reports options.
    (Note: The Reports option is selected by default)
  3. Click on the Create Report button on the right and select a report template – Linear or Nested.
    • Linear
    The linear template has a basic view. It shows data in columns – the order in which you selected it.
    • Nested
    The nested template will sort and display data based on the first parameter you select. For example, if you select Advertiser/ Campaign Name/ Impressions Served, you will see
    Advertiser 1
    Campaign 1/ Impressions Served
    Campaign 2/ Impressions Served
    Campaign 3/ Impressions Served
    Advertiser 2
    Campaign 1/ Impressions Served
    Campaign 2/ Impressions Served
    Campaign 3/ Impressions Served
  4. For Example: If you select the Linear Report Template, then give a name to the template.
  5. Select the desired Available Fields by dragging and dropping them in the Table Structure column.
  6. You can use the Report Constraints column to further filter the report data.
  7. Once you have placed a parameter in the Report Constraints field, you can:
    • specify the actual value that you want the report to include or exclude
    • set the Constraint as a Run Time Parameter (Value needs to be defined each time you run the report)
    For Example: If you want to see the report of a specific ad, then click on Creative in Available Fields and drag Ad Name to Report Constraint table. Select the Creative Name from the dropdown list and click on Run Time Parameter.
  8. Finally, click on the Save button.
  9. You can also run a report without saving the template, just click on the RUN button next to Save.
    (Note: Do not navigate away from the screen once you click on the RUN button)

Steps to Run a Report

  1. Click on the Run button to run the report.
  2. The Run Report page appears with the Template Name.
  3. Select the format in which you want the report to appear – HTML, XML, CSV, MS Excel or PDF.
  4. Mention the Time Period — Previous XX days from YY days ago, Week to date, Month to date, or the Custom Date Range option.
  5. Click on the Run button.

Additional Info

  • You can also run a report by clicking on the generate report by template icon in the Action column.
  • You can download a report by clicking on the download icon.
  • You delete a report by clicking on the delete icon.
  • To schedule a report for automatic delivery, click the calendar icon and select delivery parameters.
  • The different parameters for scheduled reports can be seen on the Scheduled Report Parameters page.
  • The reports can be pulled only for the date range of last 13 months.
    (Example: If a user generates a report on Jan 1, 2016, he will get data only for the last 13 months i.e. from Nov 1, 2014)


Contact ZEDO Technical Support team at support@zedo.com with Queries and Suggestions


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