How It Works

Sometimes salespeople need to hold inventory before there are ads to traffic (for example, they’ve gotten a verbal commitment, but no IO).

Reserve Inventory works in conjunction with inventory forecasts to allow you to hold future inventory unavailable, even if there are no actual ads to traffic yet.

The system will consider the reservation as Sold inventory when it calculates inventory forecasts.

How to Reserve Inventory

Note: You can only reserve inventory in campaigns with Impression Limit set at Ad Level.

The process for reserving inventory is similar to trafficking an ad, and uses the same form (Create Ad).

In the Campaign Details page, you will see a Create Reservation Button next to Create Ad.

Note: The only required data for making a Reservation are

  • Ad Dimension
  • Ad Name
  • Channel targeting
  • Hold Reservation for (described below)

You are free to enter all ad details and a creative, but it is optional at this point.

Hold Reservation for:
Enter the amount of days you want the System to include this Reservation in its inventory calculations. You can enter up to 180 days, as long as this doesn’t go past the Campaign end date.

At the end of this period, the Reservation will become inactive and will not be useable again.

After you Submit the Reservation

Reservations will show up on the Campaign Dashboard with the Status: Reserved. The other Status options for Reserved Ads are

  • APP (Approved) This will make the Ad live, and requires that data is complete out for the ad).
  • DEL (Deleted) This will permanently delete the Reservation.

Converting a Reservation to an Ad

  • Make sure the ad details are¬†correct and complete
    • Creative, back up creative, etc.
  • Change Status to APP

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