Responsive Ads are the perfect answer to today’s changing technology and latest gadget – laptops, tablets and smartphones. In other words, these innovative ads enable you to reposition and swap ads in real-time as per the dimension of the user’s tablet or smartphone screen. You have to specify the screen size of the device and ad dimensions before loading the creative.

For Javascript Tag

  • The new parameter to define screen resolution breakpoints is
  • You need to add the new param zflag_msize=”500×200:2,1024×400:4″ (widthxheight:dimId)
    Note: The screen resolution needs to be in ascending order of widthxheight
width1 is the width of the device screen
height1 is the height of the device screen
dimId is the dimension of the ad tag for the ad

How it works

The system checks if the variable is defined. If it is then it should find out the screen width & height and compare each value. It saves the last matched value of screen.width > passed_width && screen.height > passed_height and selects a dim id which is a perfect match. The selection logic is as follows:

  • Return first match where the passed value is less than both screen width and height.
  • If we can’t find above case then we return the first width which is lesser than screen width.
  • If we can’t find a match then we sort them by height in descending order and return the first height which is lesser than screen height.
  • If none of the above matches then we return the lowest width*height that is passed in.

Example 1:
input = 600×1000:6, 800×1000:9
screen resolution = 650 x 950
result = 600×1000:6

Example 2:
input = 500 x 600 : 4, 500 x 800 : 5, 600 x 1000 : 6, 800 x 1024 : 9
screen resolution = 650 x 950
result = 500 x 800 : 5

Incase of Master Tag

<script type=”text/javascript”>
var zmt_mtag;
function zd_get_placements(){
zmt_mtag = zmt_get_tag(1234,”841164″);
p841164_1 = zmt_mtag.zmt_get_placement(“zt_841164_1”, “841164”, “1” , “698” , “14” , “4” ,”728″, “90”);


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